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NCIS: LA "War Cries" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The plot thickens with Kensi in the episode this week and no one really knows what is going on. I believe that Hetty and Granger know, but I don't think anybody else is supposed to know. I'm not even sure if Kensi herself even knows really what's going on. She is still investigating her roommates, though. One really sticks out. Sabatino. He seems very suspicious to everybody. Could he be the mole that Hetty was talking about? Also, Deeks is very worried about Kensi. He hasn't talked to her much, but decides to ask Granger to be a partner on this new case they will get and I think Deeks was gonna try to get some answers out of him, but it doesn't work. I think Granger, well everybody, knows that Deeks and Kensi like each other as more then just friends. Oh, Nell is helping Kensi, but no one knows it. Also, Nell tells Eric, too. But they don't find much.

Back home in LA, they have a new case to deal with. Two bodies were found in a pile of trash and they try to figure out what happened. They search the scene a little more to find a woman's shoe? What's that doing there? Callen and Sam find the girl it belonged to and they were working for not a very nice man. Sam and Callen help one of the girls out. That's not, however, the case.

It has something to do with a place that used to be in business called D7. Was that supposed to sound familiar to us? They talked about it like they had to deal with them before, but I don't remember any references from D7 before. Though, it has been a while since I've seen past episodes. Or maybe it's one of those shady places? Anyways, that's where the case leads them to. The D7 opened up under a new name and is still in business! 

Robert is the guy that got away and is supposedly in danger. But there's a twist they decide to throw at us! He's actually the bad guy! Which means that Nell is in trouble when Callen and Sam leave her in charge to watch him while they go check up on something. I always forget how tough Nell is when it comes to this stuff. How she managed to win the fight with Robert, I have no clue. The knife was awesome! Sam and Callen did help a little bit at the end when Nell couldn't fully get away and when they finally showed up, too. But man, Nell can sure take care of herself for the most part!

I love the whole Eric and Nell relationship. He's so sweet with her and a little over protective in some ways. He was worried about her when she came back from the fight and said that she can never leave ops again. But hasn't he said this before? Guess his word doesn't really mean much, but it's still cute.

At the beginning, Sam is bugging Callen to go out to dinner with him and his wife and that he has to wear a suit because it's a fancy place. I thought that Sam was gonna ask Callen to be his godfather for his daughter, but apparently, Sam has already tried that before. I had no clue what was gonna happen at the end, though. Callen finally agrees to go on the dinner, but Sam and his wife aren't there? What gives? Instead, this pretty lady is there at the table. They were set up on a blind date! I was glad that Callen agreed to stay with her. I'm not sure how far this relationship would go, but it seemed like they were getting along. Though, he would have to lie about everything. It is nice to see Callen possibly have a love interest now. It's about time. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!