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Person Of Interest "The Devil's Share" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Revenge should have been the name of this episode because that's what we see are main characters seek after for Carter's death. I do love the fact how they had the funeral and that we didn't see flashbacks of her dying a bunch of times and how the characters themselves were paying tribute to her. 

John was shot worse then I thought. It didn't look like he was too badly hurt at first, but he was bad enough to end up in a hospital. But, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that John escaped and is seeking revenge and trying to find where they have Quinn. I have never seen this side of John before and I'm glad we don't see it very often. It was scary! I mean, really, really scary! I could see why the CIA liked him. He knows exactly what to do and how to do it quickly and all that. 

The flashbacks weren't of one single person. They were of John, Fusco, Shaw and Harold. All at a point in time where they were having to discuss their career with someone or trying to get over a loss. Harold was getting over the loss of his friend dying. Fusco was in a major shot out and I'm thinking he was talking to Simmons at this point in time with how he started talking towards the end. We never see any of the peoples faces that they are talking to. John was him trying to get into the army and the guy making sure John could do what needed to be done. But it actually wasn't that at all. It turned out to be John was on a case for the CIA and having to kill the guy that he talked to! We learned, though, that John had trouble killing people, so he found the fast and easy way of doing it. Shaw was talking to a supervisor (I'm assuming) about her doctor career. Had no clue she wanted to be a doctor! I agree with whoever was talking to her, though. She wouldn't have made a great doctor at all.

Present time now. Shaw finally convinces Harold that they really need Root's help on this case on tracking down Quinn, Simmons and John before John dies (yes, his gun shot was that serious!). I really wanna know how Root knows all this stuff is happening even while she isn't in communication with the Machine! Has the Machine found a different way to talk to her? If so, that's really creepy!  But Root was a big help because the Machine (oddly enough) still talks to her differently. They were able to find where Quinn was and just in time, too because John was about to kill him! I really think that if Harold hadn't gotten there when he did, John would have and would have died in the process since he passed out afterward.

Where is Simmons going? Well, it looks like he got a passport to somewhere and is leaving the country. John found out where the airport was and left the piece of paper behind so Fusco could find it! I also thought for sure that Fusco was gonna kill Simmons the minute they met up and after a brutal fight, Fusco just arrests him! Fusco said that if he had killed Simmons, he would undo what Carter had saved him from and he didn't want to do that. 

Root came back! Everybody was super shocked that she was there. Why would she come back? According to her, the Machine had told her to and that Harold will need her later for something major that's going to happen. Can the Machine tell the future now?!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!