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Person Of Interest "Lethe" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This show gets better and better and I don't even know how that's possible! Once one of the biggest story lines for this show ends, they immediately have another intriguing one to throw at us! Whoever the writers are for this one, know how to do a show right!

The Machine hasn't given out numbers in a while. Harold is relieved because then he can have a breather since John is missing, yet again and no where to be found. If John doesn't want to be found, he won't be. Though I have a feeling he won't be hidden for long. Anyways, Shaw is thinking it's weird that the Machine hasn't given a number out recently. Right when they hang up, however, the phone next to Harold starts ringing! He looks up at the camera, like "Really?". Harold ignores it, but the Machine finds other ways to get Harold to pay attention to the number.

That other way you might ask? It may come as a shock, though. It did for me, that's for sure. Even for Harold, too, seeing as we don't even know how it could have happened. But Root somehow knew about the new number and gets Harold into working on it! Saying the Machine says it's very important right now. But Harold is shocked that Root is somehow still talking to the Machine. He even asks how she is, but she ignores the question and changes the subject. Shaw finally convinces Harold to let Root help with this one since they are two men down.

Yes, two men. Fusco found John thanks to the Machine! However, I don't believe Harold knows where they are at. I could be wrong, though. You guys have no idea how happy I was to see John! Since he's my favorite character, the show isn't really the same without him. He's blaming the Machine and everybody for the lose of Carter. Which is understandable. But still, he needs to think of all the good he has done. He doesn't understand why they even help people if in the end, they end up getting hurt anyways. Fusco is sure brave at this point. Wanting to actually fight John! I'm sorry, but I would never, ever want to do that. I'd totally lose that fight! John is scary when it comes to that stuff. Though, Fusco isn't bad at all. But I wonder what Fusco's plan was in all that? Did he go outside because he wanted to get arrested with John to be able to have some alone time to talk to him where they couldn't go anywhere or was that just on accident?

Oh right, the number. It's a weird number. The guy is already dying. So, why did the Machine give out the number? From the weird look on Harold's face when he first saw him, I'm guessing he knows who Arthur is and is afraid to help him. Is he still having trouble with the whole Carter thing too? He seems to not handle that stuff too well. Though, I'm not sure if I would be able to handle it well, either. You think this is gonna be just another number that they are going to save. But it turns out to be much more then that! So much more that it's the new story line for the show! It turns out that Arthur knew Harold in college. 

Root is actually a big help in the case. I'm surprised, too. But she's not enough for the surprise that's about to come. When they get Arthur to the hotel room with his wife, he still can't remember her. Here comes the big twist that reveals what is gonna happen in later episodes. This lady, really isn't his wife! No wonder he kept having a cow every time she came in and didn't remember her! His wife died a while ago and he remembered that. The lady turned out to be the bad guy that was after him! All to get to a Machine that he built. Yep, he built one just like Harold did, however his was destroyed. Or so he says. She also knows that Harold has a Machine out, too and wants both of them! Now she has them all kidnapped. I know if John knew what was going on, he'd be there in a second to help his friends. But he and Fusco are in jail because they had a fight, so yeah, they won't be much help.

Oh, the flashback was to someone we have not seen a story line for! Well, we have, just not this far back. We go way back to 1969, then 1971 and finally 1979. Harold first as a little kid. He was very smart from the beginning. Knowing how to unbuild an engine and started to create the Machine back then without him even knowing it. Now we see him growing up more and having to take care of his dad who I'm assuming he had the same thing that Arthur has and that's why Harold is so good with him.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!