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Pretty Little Liars "Free Fall" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The big Aria Finds Out episode was kind of a let down for me. Only because Aria does find out, just not what we were thinking/hoping on hearing. But of course, I should have seen it coming. They never make it this obvious and easy for us viewers.

All the girls are avoiding Aria until they all can be together and find a good time to tell her the horrible truth that Ezra is -A. But the plan backfires when Ezra decides to drop a bomb himself and tell Aria about Spencer's drug addiction. So, their whole plan kind of goes down the tubes because when it is blurted out, Aria doesn't believe her for a second. In fact, we get no reaction from Aria whatsoever, which I thought was really odd.

After the last time we saw Toby and Spencer, I thought that there was something going on between them. Like they were going to break up over the whole thing with his mom. So as you could imagine, I was so happy to see that they are trying to repair that part of their relationship and Toby is trying his hardest to spend some time with Spencer, even though she's like in lala land. He can totally tell something is up with her and so can her friends. However, I did not think it would get into a big whole thing like it does and I am actually sad about the news that this has happened to Spencer before. Though I found it odd that Spencer has no recollection of this happening at all. When her mom finds out (because Spencer tries to get her medicine refilled and they call the mom back, not her) she said that she has done this before and she did not remember that happening at all. How could her friends not see this happen before, either? If it was before Alison disappeared, wouldn't this have been something that Alison would have blackmailed Spencer with? It just seems odd that this is the first time we are hearing about this.

Her friends try to do an intervention. But Spencer thinks this is a smart time to drop the whole "Ezra is A!" bomb. Like I said above, it doesn't turn out well for any of them. But this does help Spencer realize that she needs help and needs to stop taking the pills.

Another strange situation happens with Aria. She's talk to Ezra about what happened with the whole Spencer intervention. I thought it was odd that she almost told him that they all thought he was -A, but backed off. She probably didn't want to worry him, but I felt like there was something more to that or she didn't want to be in trouble in case it was true, but I don't think that's it, either. Here's the kicker and here's where Aria finally realizes Ezra may not be all what he seems to be. Ezra knew (somehow) that Spencer only saw Toby's helmet and tattoo in the woods and assumed it was Toby's! How in the world would Ezra know something like that when it wasn't released to the police? Ezra quickly blames Aria and says that she must have told him. Yeah, right! Now this makes Aria investigate and figure out if the girls are really right. She goes to Ezra's cabin and finds the trap door! But everything is gone inside! How is that even possible? Why would Ezra have to move it? Aria then finds a hidden manuscript in a hollowed out book all about Alison's disappearance and Aria and her friends! This is when Ezra comes and Aria has to go on the run. She leaves her keys, so there's a chase that happens in the woods. I wanna know, why would someone go on a chairlift that is closing down when your insane boyfriend is running after you? He got on the chairlift with Aria! This is when we think Aria is in major trouble, but Ezra's excuse was lame. I'm sorry, but it was. I do not believe for a second that all of this research was just for a book. I have more about my theory here: Who Is -A?

So, yep, that was the big whole "Aria Finds Out" thing. Seemed way more exciting, but it still was a good episode. The ending I felt totally horrible for Toby. He had this special evening planned for him and Spencer, but Spencer, Emily and Hanna set up a trap for Ezra to see if he'd come so that they could confirm their suspicion. But Ezra already made a plan with Mona (who I do not like with Mike) to go in his place to take it! That part was kind of creepy and funny. Toby even had a special gift for Spencer. A Scrabble piece with an S on it! How sweet is that? I really hope that Spencer gets the help she needs and is able to get back to herself.

-A is seen picking up the manuscript that fell off the chairlift with Aria and Ezra. Why they didn't go back and pick it up themselves, I have no clue. But was it just me or did -A totally look like a girl in this scene?

Do you buy the whole "book" explanation? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Hey! Great recap! I'm totally waiting for this Spencer drug binge angle from 2 years ago. Isn't that around the time Ali disappeared and the group of friends dissolved? Maybe she turned to drugs to cope. We'll see. I hope Spencer isn't A. A lot of blogs are saying that she might be.

    1. Seeing as she's my favorite character on the show, I hope Spencer isn't -A, either. But what I've been seeing and have started to form my own suspicion, is that Aria could be -A. All I'm hoping is that none of the girls is, but it's someone we won't see coming in a million years. That's why I thought it would be perfect if it was Ezra. But it looks like they slammed the door on that suspect.


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