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Pretty Little Liars "Hot For Teacher" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This season has by far been the best season! So many questions have been answered, yet we are always stuck with more after each episode. However, one big question (well, what I thought was a big question) was answered.  What was in Ezra's trap door? It was super creepy, trust me! I'll get to that in a minute.

We actually see a lot more of Alison now and I like that. But she's scared. She doesn't know who to trust and is running out of money. Shana is helping her get a money stash and with Emily's help, they get the money where Alison was hiding it in her house. Something horrible happens to Shana when she goes to deliver the money or at least call Alison about the money. Shana gets knocked out and then is threatened to leave Rosewood, which she does! So, now how is Alison gonna contact someone? I totally think she needs to trust her friends and call them. Why she won't, I have no clue. Either it's an Alison thing or maybe there is one of her friends that can't be trusted.

Spencer is getting super addicted to those non sleep pills all to figure out the journal and she's falling behind in school because of it. Spencer of all people to fall behind on homework?! Ezra notices it and trust me, that's not a very good teacher to notice that she's starting to fall apart. He confronts her, but how he was talking, made me wonder if he knows that she knows who he really is?

I still think that Hanna and the detective are flirting with each other. It could be just me and he could just be friendly, but the fact that Hanna refers to him on a first name bases, is a little odd. Hanna also starts to notice something off with Spencer when she starts to act rude to everybody. Must be a side affect of not sleeping, I'm sure.

Emily seems to want to trust Shana, but I'm still not sure about her. Why can Alison trust her and not her friends? Why do we suddenly know that they were friends when they were little? It all seems odd, but Emily still feels like she can trust her. Of course, what happened to Shana in this episode, we may not have to worry about her anymore.

Aria and Ezra are spending time at his creepy cabin. I wonder if he really owns it or it's Wren that owns it and they are in on it together? Anyways, here comes the creepy part! They are making dinner and Ezra pretends to be out of something and sends Aria to the store to get it. He in fact actually had the item, but he got her out in order to check on whatever was in the trap door! Well, we now know how he's been keeping an eye on everything! He has videos everywhere and I mean everywhere! Even has one on his own apartment and sees Hanna and Spencer almost break it, but then Spencer saw the camera and decided against it. Hanna was the first of the three girls that Spencer let in on the possible Ezra being -A and she didn't handle it well. I was not expecting to see that in the trap door. But I guess that was better then dead bodies or something.

-A is watching an old movie and has Wren's doctor notes? Is this a clue from us that whoever is in the black hoodie this time is actually Wren and that he's working with Ezra?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!