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Pretty Little Liars "She's Come Undone" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

When they said "Aria Freaks Out", they weren't kidding! Even though I knew it was coming, too, it was still horrible to watch because I didn't know she went as far as she would and stuff. Lucy Hale is amazing at this part in her role!

So, when Aria is having to deal with that, Spencer is having to deal with getting off the pills and I know Spencer thought she could do it and for my favorite character, I was hoping that she would stick to her word, but when -A so graciously gives Spencer a new batch of pills, she slips right back into the addiction. Why someone would want to stay up without sleeping is beyond me, but she apparently does. But there is some more sad news when she does this again. We learn that Spencer was taking the pills around the time of Alison's disappearance and Mr. Hastings and Alison's mom are totally hiding something from Spencer. Are they protecting Spencer from what really happened with the horrible fight that she learned she had with Alison or are they protecting the real killer? Also, they are getting back to getting notes from -A. -A sure kept quiet long enough.

I am so glad that Aria's friends stopped Aria from making a totally embarrassing situation happen. She wanted to yell at Ezra in school! It was her friends stopping her and the fact that he wasn't there, that stopped her and that kind of sent her over the edge. Saying he's a coward and such. This leads us to Aria going to his apartment. Why Ezra didn't take away her key is beyond me, but she still has it and she just walks right on in and he's not there, either. She find something that was on his floor that lead to his hiding spot for his "research". This part gets creepier and creepier. He started to make an actual book out of his story, like bind it and everything! Everything Aria ever told him about Alison or anything was in the book! This leads to the part where Aria destroys his whole apartment! Also, he had files on all the girls (her, too) with pictures of being followed and everything! 

Her friends notice something is up when they can't reach her and Spencer knows where Aria is at (probably because she went to Toby's place when she thought he was -A) and they couldn't believe what Aria had done. Spencer noticed the papers on the floor and took some (bad idea) and this is when she learned about the fight and such and that Alison's mom knew about it.

It seems to me that I'm not the only one who was annoyed with Paige. Ok, I understand where Paige is coming from, with what she's seen -A put Emily through, but to the point of Emily not being able to help out Alison and wanting to expose that Alison was still alive is a little out there. Doesn't she know what that would do to Alison and to anybody who would do that? Paige could be in trouble, too, if -A found out that Alison is still alive. Though, I have a feeling they already know and this won't be of a shock to whoever -A really is, which I have a feeling we will find out another big -A team revelation in the season finale after watching that clip last night. But with all this with Paige, it seems like she's more jealous of Alison and Emily then anything else.

Hanna is helping Travis with his dad getting out of jail, since it wasn't his fault what was happening. I was actually starting to get a little suspicious of Travis in this episode. Not really sure why, but I was. Thanks to Hanna talking to the detective, his dad just got out on parole. What is up with Hanna paying a guy a thank-you with a kiss? Instead of just stopping at the hug (which was already bad), she kissed the detective too! Though, was it just more or did it look like he liked it? I always thought that they were flirting with each other, but I was thinking it was just me.

Spencer blew her only chance with trying to get away from the pills when she escaped from Toby to go talk to Alison's mom about the night Ali disappeared. I just don't get why no one will tell her anything when clearly, they know more then what they are saying. I am glad that Toby isn't giving up on Spencer. I didn't think he would, but I am just glad that he isn't. Oh and remember the PI that Mr. Hastings hired and blamed on the fact that it was for Melissa? As it turns out, it looks like he hired it for Spencer instead! 

Aria is deciding to run away from Rosewood! She doesn't want anything to do with her friends or anything! I just felt horrible for Aria. I mean, the guy she trusted, turned out to be a total jerk and blew the trust between them. Oh, she also found out that Ezra is at the publishing company and possibly discussing a release date. Which I don't think that's what he was there for, since she didn't get that confirmed.

-A is seen reading the book of Ezra's somewhere and then burns it.

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