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Psych "Someone's Got A Woody" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

At first, I was thinking that the commercial looked way better then the episode was first starting out, but towards the middle it started to get really good! Not that the episode was bad at the beginning, it just took a while to get a little exciting.

Anyways, a desperate man kidnaps Woody in the morgue because there's evidence on the new body that Woody got that could prove this guy is guilty, even though he says he isn't. 

Shawn is mad that they haven't gotten any work since Trout has been in charge and so he takes his matters into his own hands and goes down to the police station and kind of forces himself on the case. Ok, he normally does that when they don't call him, but yeah. :) It eventually turns out for the good, though, because Woody gets Cyrus into agreeing to work with Shawn and you know Trout, he does not want that to happen at all. However, he finally agrees to it and it works out well for everyone.

Well, not at first. Shawn and Gus are investigating, Trout is ready to move in and kill the guy and doesn't care if Woody gets hurt in the process! Juliet is appalled by it and tries to reason with the guy, but it doesn't work. She does some research of her own on Trout and the big kidnapping case he is always raving about, got a lot of causalities out of it! So now Juliet tries to stop it herself and goes in without Trout's permission! Lassiter is on board, though, he's upset that Cyrus didn't want his help. Juliet going in just makes Trout even angrier and he still tries to go in full force.

Thank goodness Shawn and Gus find out that it wasn't Cyrus who killed the guy, but the parole officer! The minute we saw him, I thought something was off. Mainly because I thought it was weird that he was the parole officer for Cyrus and the victim. I mean, I guess that could happen in real life, but it seemed fishy to me and my suspicions were confirmed. But I was actually kind of mad at Shawn when he stole the credit from Lassiter for taking down the bad guy. Though Shawn always does that too, so it shouldn't surprise me.

Trout calls Lasstier, Juliet, Shawn and Gus into the office and you think that he's gonna congratulate them on their big win and it starts out that way, but nope. He instead fires all of them because he hated their disobedience! Here comes some awesome news, the phone rings and guess what? Trout just got fired! Does this mean Chief Vic will come back? Oh I hope so! I know it sounds mean, but I didn't like Trout the minute we saw him. 

Also, does anybody else feel like they missed a story line with Shawn and Juliet? Since when does Juliet all of the sudden trust Shawn again when last time, she couldn't stand the guy? I felt like we missed a major story line from them. Anybody else feel like that or is that just me?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!