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White Collar "Diamond Exchange" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

It's a race against time (5 hours to be exact) after Mozzie is poisoned by Rebecca to find the diamond and to get the antidote for Mozzie or he will die!

Why when this show has big season finales, that something bad seems to happen to Mozzie? Because remember when he got shot and we thought he was going off the show then? Now this? Poor guy has been through a lot! But thank goodness they all end well.

Rebecca has broken out of jail and did it exactly like how Neal did. In this case, it's good to have Neal because then he can figure out what Rebecca would do next and thanks to his help, they do figure out just that. But like always, Rebecca is one step ahead of them. 

Even though Mozzie has been poisoned, he does not want to be left out of the fun of finding the diamond and does not say that he's not feeling well right away until it's too late. He faints and whether he likes it or not, he's going to the hospital.

Diana takes the news pretty hard that Mozzie might die. After all, he is the one that helped her deliver Theo. So, I'm sure that's what she was thinking. Because of this, she and Jones track Rebecca and try to figure out what she poisoned him with and they figure it out and the antidote! But Elizabeth is with Mozzie at the hospital and has to really insist to the point of yelling at the doctor to give it to him. They were resisting because the antidote sometimes has bad side effects. They give it to him and all is well with Mozzie! Thank goodness!

So, while all of this is going on, Peter and Neal have to figure out what Mozzie saw after he fainted and they do and between the two of them, they figure out where the diamond is! Neal calls Rebecca to let her know. Rebecca calls Neal back to let him know what to do. But this is way too easy. Rebecca always has another plan up her sleeve and she sure does! She's already there with them and holds them at gun point until they give her the diamond! Or does Neal really? First they have to get out of being locked in one of the jail cells there and what an awesome way to do it, too. Them running down the door! Then Neal goes to look for Rebecca while Peter goes to call the FBI. The whole Rebecca giving up after Neal talking her down felt like it was too easy as well. Either she has a different plan up her sleeve or she really felt there was no other option. Oh, Peter had the diamond the whole time. Neal switched it on them!

Now comes when you'd think there'd be a cliffhanger, but wait, there's 15 minutes left? Huh? First, they have to finish off some story lines. The one with Rebecca and then Peter decides to not take the job in Washington! So glad he saw the light and didn't decide to move! But Elizabeth got an amazing job there and doesn't want to give it up. Which I thought was weird because I've always liked this couple, so why would she not give up the job for her husband? Anybody else thought that was weird? Oh, Neal asked Peter to help him get out of the FBI sentence and Peter goes to see the board and they deny Neal! Because Neal has done so well with catching bad guys and they don't want to mess up the team! I felt so bad for Neal. I believe this was why Peter decided to not go to Washington because he's afraid he'd be making those decisions for someone he doesn't know.

Towards the end of all this, I was thinking "Where's the cliffhanger?". You will not see this coming! At least, I didn't. Earlier, we saw this stranger following Neal around. Neal finally confronts him in the park after Mozzie left and the guy kidnaps Neal! Why? To steal something for him maybe? But he destroys his anklet so that no one will know where he is! Surely Mozzie will figure out something is wrong because I would really hope he'd know by now that Neal would not leave without Mozzie. Either that or Peter will think it's weird that he all of the sudden can't track him anymore. Mozzie was gonna fake the system. But with this, Neal will be completely off grid. Sure, Peter might be upset at first and think that Neal just got too mad and skipped town, but I'm hoping he's gonna be more suspicious as to why he all of the sudden can't track him.

Did you love or hate this finale? Let me know in the comments below!