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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "T.R.A.C.K.S." Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The team has to go undercover on a train to find the clairvoyant and it's a lot harder then it sounds.

It was a little hard to keep up with because after each commercial break, they would go about it from a different teams point of view. Like first we started off with Coulson and Simmons who were playing a troubled daughter/father on the train and then we saw them lose contact with the rest of their team and we follow Coulson to figure out what happens and that's when he runs into (literally) Grant who says they've been made and they run off and the train disappears? Yep, it was quite odd and they don't know why. They get away and find a car that's already running and drive off and get to the bus safely to figure out what's going on and to try to find the rest of the team.

Now we see it from Grant's point of view. He and Melinda are discussing what to do and he also learns that Melinda just told Coulson about them dating, which he wasn't too thrilled about her telling Coulson that. We see how Grant got away and found Coulson and also got Simmons away safely, too.

Next is Fitz and Skye and how they got away. Which wasn't easy for them to do, but with Simmons' help they did. Skye thinks it's right to go after the package and they do. Which was a bad idea because it led them to Quinn, the guy they are after!

Melinda's point of view now and she was the one who got away and started the car! Makes sense now. Because the car that was already started was kind of creepy. She learned that the guy that Coulson got the gig from was bad (I knew it from the beginning!) and she was beat up and tortured and was able to escape in time to save Coulson and Grant when the guy shows up there.

Now they just have to figure out where Skye and Fitz are at and they get there just a little too late. Skye goes into the house by herself and Quinn finds her! It was horrible, too, because I first thought that Peterson (yeah, she finds Peterson!) was gonna have to kill Skye, which would have been horrible! But he didn't, he has other orders. What are they? Anyways, the way that Quinn was acting, makes me wonder if he was being controlled too? Because he said he had orders, too. Which was to kill Skye! He shot her twice! Thank goodness Coulson finds her, but is it too late? Hopefully not! Coulson would be super mad if something happened to Skye!

Did Coulson tell Skye about the 0-8-4 business? Because she was asking Fitz if it could be a person and he's never heard of that happening, but if it was, it would be bad, whatever it is. I can't remember what it is. Someone wanna fill me in? I didn't think Coulson told her that part, but maybe he did. 

Everybody is having a really hard time with Skye getting shot. There is a way to save her, but they have to get her to a hospital fast! Poor Simmons looks like she has the hardest time dealing with it. Of course, she is the one that kind of has to keep Skye alive until they arrive. I got the feeling again that Fitz likes Skye, but the way he was trying to comfort Simmons, I am not so sure anymore. Also, what did Grant mean that he doesn't blame himself when Melinda told him not to blame himself? The way Melinda looked made me wonder if he blames her? Or maybe he was just offended that she even thought that? I was confused by that conversation.

Peterson really wants to see his son, but whoever is controlling him, won't let him yet. That part was sad. :( I felt so bad for him! 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!