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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Yes Men" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

In a way, I was feeling kind of lost during this episode. Because I haven't watched either of the Thor movies and so I had no clue who Sif was (and I felt like we should have known who that was) and she was an awesome Asgard and I really had no clue who Lorelie was, though that part was somewhat filled in later on in the episode. However, I do love the fact that this series also ties into the Marvel movies and it makes you wanna watch the ones you haven't seen, in hoping to get some sense of the show. Yes, I do plan on watching Thor since I've heard the second one is even better, but let's concentrate on this show for right now. :)

So, Sif has been sent to earth to stop Lorelie from turning all the men against everybody, since that's who she can control. Why they thought it was good to send in the guys on the team, I have no clue, but they do and that's when Grant gets put under her spell! Nothing better happen to my favorite character and thank goodness, it doesn't. Though, you have no clue how they are gonna get everybody back.

Matters are made worse when Lorelie and Grant take over the plane (oh, I mean bus) and also take over Fitz! Fitz was kind of hard to tell at first if he really was taken over, but once he said "Isn't she amazing?" (referring to Lorelie), I knew he was taken over. 

Melinda is the one who went in after Grant, which I knew it had "bad idea" written all over. Especially when Lorelie said that Grant has had feelings for someone for a long time that wasn't Melinda! Now did she just say this just to get a rise out of Melinda or was that really the case? I never really thought Grant liked her or that Melinda liked him that much, either, but now to know this, could this be my suspicions confirmed? Also, could the other person he's had feelings for, perhaps be Skye? Oh, I so hope so! Skye reacts differently when Grant is in trouble. 

Speaking of Skye, I never thought in a million years, that I'd be happy to see her up and about again. Not that I didn't dislike her character, but it just took me a while to trust her and get to know her. Since for a long time, I thought she was bad. But she may not be the one we have to worry about after all.

But before we get to that, we have to discuss the possible doom of earth if Lorelie doesn't get stopped. Sif is able to get back to them and Fitz was able to fix the necklace that would stop Lorelie's powers and all things are nice and calm now. 

Or is it? Coulson decides to tell Skye about what he found. Which I believe is a good thing because I feel like Coulson needed someone to talk to. Her reaction, however, was not something I suspected on seeing. Instead of being totally weirded out (which I probably would have been), she thinks it's awesome and is the find of the century! Coulson doesn't want anyone to know until he can find Director Fury who is MIA. For a minute, when they pulled away and showed us someone was listening to them, I thought for a second that it was Simmons since she was dying to know what was the medicine they gave Skye, but here's a shock and a twist I did not see coming, it was Melinda! Is Melinda really bad or is she doing this because she has to? Guess that's something we will have to find out in the next episodes or however long they wanna keep this story line running.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!