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Castle "In The Belly Of The Beast" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I totally did not see the outcome of this episode. Well, I never really do, but sometimes it's not quite a shock as this one was. To me, anyways. I knew it was gonna be an awesome episode, I just didn't know how much I would love watching it and it's one of those ones that I wouldn't mind rewatching right now, it was that good!

So, Kate gets called into work on her day off (and Castle and Kate are both totally bummed), but she can't bring Castle. Right then and there, I thought it was odd and knew something was up. Kate goes down to the station and she learns of a new case. It's on odd one. They caught this girl who doesn't know who she works for, but has to do what they say and she can't get out of it. There is a plan to follow through with a drop and before that happens, the lady they have going, tries to commit suicide! So, that leads Kate having to go in undercover for this lady they know nothing about and are hoping that the people haven't already seen what she looks like or know that she ratted them out to the police and poor Castle, all this time, has no clue what's going on.

It seems like a pretty easy plan, right? Wrong! Right when Kate gets to where she needs to be at the hotel and going to the floor, she gets kidnapped in the elevator! There was no actual meeting at the hotel and now Kate is in big trouble and the police can't locate her because her wire stopped working!

The bad guy brings her to this big mansion somewhere and is waiting to meet a boss (not the head guy who she really wants to meet). Right away, the guy with her, could tell that she isn't really who she said she is. But good thing nobody really knew what the other lady looked like. The case gets stranger from here.

Ok, not that it isn't already weird, but trust me, it gets weirder. Kate does get in contact with the police and tries to tell them that the lady (Elaine) isn't who she said she is and Kate also works it out that she has to meet Lazarus (the guy who's supposedly in charge of this whole business). But to prove that she is who she is, Kate has to kill some guy! I knew Kate couldn't do it and the way she did it was pretty cool because she was able (through the guy), get a message to the police about what's going on. A little bit, not too much. But it was really cool and I forget how good Kate is sometimes, at her job.

They are still trying to figure out who this Elaine person is and she ended up being a hired gunman! That's who Kate is impersonating! Oh and at this point, Castle got too worried and came down to the station demanding to know what is going on. He has a right to know that Kate is missing and they do tell him and he does not like having to just sit there. 

Kate finally gets to meet Lazarus and they've met before! He was someone that Kate had to take down! So, he knows that she works for the police and her cover is blown and she is tortured! Almost killed too, if it wasn't for Elaine! Yep, you read that right, the girl who is a hired killer, killed the person that was gonna kill Kate and said that Lazarus wants her alive?! How is that possible? Turns out that the person who she met, wasn't really Lazarus. But you'll never guess who is! The Senator who killer her mom! Yep, this all goes back to her mom's killing! Did not see that coming. Now she's nervous whenever they have a run in again, since they are even now. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!