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Hawaii Five-0 "Na Hala a ka makua (Sins Of The Father)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This was a pretty good episode, though I kind of wish that the bad guy was like an actual bad guy and out for Steve and Danny for revenge and it had to turn out that way, but the turn out wasn't bad, but yeah.....

Anyways, a guy escapes from jail and is on the run and guess what he decides to do? Kidnap Steve and Danny! This guy was creepy (at first) on how he got Steve to get them around the barricades and such. Basically threatening Danny, but having to go through it about his daughter! First, I thought he was gonna threaten Grace and right then, I thought "You better not do that or you'll really get on Danny's bad side!". But he just called Grace because he was threatening to kill Danny if Steve didn't get them through, etc.

I'm surprised that it took the rest of the team this long until they realized that something was wrong with Danny and Steve since no one could get a hold of them. If I couldn't get a hold of someone for the first hour, I'd wonder what was going on. But I know they are in the middle of the case right now, too, so that doesn't help. 

Super nice to have Kono back! I really missed her. And Catherine is back too! I'm glad to see that they are keeping them both on the team. 

The guy kidnapped Steve and Danny all to clear his name because he was being framed. Like I said above, I kind of wish sometimes in an episode, that the guy would be out for revenge and not to clear his name. Not that I did not mind at all that the guy ended up being good and was being framed and learned that before his sad death, but still. 

Yes, the guy ends up dying because his daughter (who at first wants nothing to do with him), thinks she's setting up an arrest with the FBI, but it turns out that the FBI agent wasn't really an agent and it was the bad guy who set up Roy and Roy ends up getting shot and dying, but his daughter (while he was still alive for a few seconds) was able to fix the relationship. 

Grace is getting called to the principal office! Grace of all people? Danny was shocked and trying to figure out what happened. It turns out that Grace punched a kid in school because he was teasing one of her friends. She got suspended because she didn't want to rat out her friends! The principal was shocked with how Danny was behaving during the meeting. Saying he thought it was ok that his daughter did this if the other kid deserved it and if she was just trying to defend herself. But after this whole case, Danny learns that his way wasn't really right (if I understood it correctly).

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!