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NCIS "Crescent City: Part 1" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

We meet a brand new NCIS team in this two parter. I always hate it when I find out that there's a two pater because sometimes they really leave us hanging with a major cliffhanger. Yes, I know it's only a week in between, but still. This one only had a mini cliffhanger, thank goodness. 

But let's talk about the amazing new team! I had no clue that we were going to meet a new team and that they were even going to try for a spin off again after what happened with the Red team. Instead of it starting off in NCIS: LA (which is where the Red team started, isn't it?), we see them again in NCIS. Which I believe is the smarter choice to start off a spin off. I instantly fell in love with Agent Pride. We don't know much about him or why it seems that his marriage fell apart (though I think it has something to do with his job), but he was just a very likable character to me and fun and different. Not too different, but just different enough to where I wanna know more about him. He seems to be connected to the case when they have a murder victim. Whoever died, Gibbs knew him and Agent Pride also knows Gibbs. Agent Pride seems to have a reputation already in the NCIS place itself. First time Tony and McGee met him, but they were super excited to meet him. Abby already knows him. Not sure how, but she does. 

The rest of Agent Prides team is very small. Just one other guy, in fact. Agent Lasalle. He wasn't an easy character for me to like right away, but towards the end, he started to warm up a little to me and was slowly becoming a favorite. With this new/old serial killer case on their hands, the NCIS decides to send Agent Pride some extra help and I really liked her a lot, as well. Agent Brody who in fact somehow knows Gibbs, but we can't know anything because it's classified. Man, Gibbs really does know everybody, doesn't he? Towards the end of the episode, I felt like a possible romance for Lasalle and Brody just because of how they are acting around each other.

Enough talk about the new team, let's get to the case now. So, there's a murder victim that died the same exact way as a serial killer that was already caught several years ago. Could it possibly be that perhaps they didn't get the right guy or is this just a copy cat? It was later confirmed (I believe) that it was a copy cat. But it's a two parter, remember?

Gibbs feels the need to go to New Orleans (which is where Agent Pride is set up - pretty awesome city!) and has to bring another agent. But Tony and McGee are needed in Washington, so Ellie gets to go on her first out of state assignment! It was cute seeing her react differently to a different city when they got her. Gibbs wasn't too thrilled about it, but that'd probably be how I'd act once I got to a city I hadn't been to before. It's also cute how Pride and his team react to Ellie, since she does things so differently.

They somewhat get on a trail of the bad guy, but then once they end up where they thought they had to be, they realized it was a trap! Don't worry, nothing terrible happens. All we know is that the bad guy is watching the team go to where he wanted them to go to. So, now he knows what they look like and any one of them, could perhaps be in trouble. That's where it left off and the conclusion airs tomorrow night!

Did you love or hate the new episode? Let me know in the comments below!