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NCIS: LA "Between The Lines" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Man, this episode was amazing! Both story lines (the case the team got and Kensi) were very intriguing. Let me just say that I am very happy that even though Kensi got pregnant (in real life), they didn't boot her off the show or make her story line boring. When in fact, they made her character even more interesting and the story line even better!

Anyways, the LA team's new case is when an ATF agent is tortured and killed and it looks like it won't be the last until they figure out how his cover got blown. The part with him getting tortured was pretty disgusting. But they couldn't even find where it was or the body. So, that was the first thing they had to do. When they finally do, there is also someone else there! This kid kind of knew what had happened, but was not part of it. However, he did have to pay the price when the gang found out that the cops had him.

Nell hasn't heard from Kensi and Deeks hasn't been able to get a hold of her and Deeks is starting to worry. He has a good reason to worry, too, because Kensi has gotten kidnapped by the bad guys! However, I believe that there is some sort of plan forming in her head. At least, I really hope so. At certain parts when we saw her, I wasn't too sure if this was on purpose, but I am more then likely sure that it was to get closer to the White Ghost, whom she knows, but we do not know who it is yet.

After investigating into the team's case, they finally learn that it was actually the ATF agent who Deeks talked to at the beginning that was the mole when Sam decides to go in undercover, but then his cover gets blown and yeah, it went from there. I am so glad that Sam didn't think to tell this agent anything when you thought the agent was being all nice and trying to get his help to get both of them out of their situation. But it was all a set up to get Sam to blow his cover (which he didn't) and you think Callen and Sam both get in trouble, but thank goodness Sam thought on his feet and was able to take out the bullets in the gun! Oh, the ATF agent was betraying his employees because (if I remember correctly), that he was getting tired of being understaffed and not treated well (correct me if I'm wrong, though). 

Over all, it was an very exciting show and I sometimes feel that I love this episode more then NCIS. Mainly because this one has a little more action, but NCIS is still great, it just has more of a drama story line to it, not that that is bad one bit, though. :) 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!