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NCIS: LA "Zero Days" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This episode seemed way more exciting in the commercial, then it actually was to watch. Don't get me wrong, it was still a fun and exciting episode. The outcome was just totally different then what I was expecting.

Eric is close to one of my favorite characters (nobody can top Deeks, though), so when an episode revolves around him, mainly, I get really excited! It really did have him in it a lot and he was the one who ended up having to save the day! But I'll get to that.

We first see this guy who is gaming with someone. Later do we find out that it is Eric. But then, when they are done playing, the guy gets attacked! I thought he was a goner, so when he showed up when Sam and Callen are searching his house, I was a bit confused, but he was just attacked. Nothing bad happened to him. But he's blaming NCIS for being after him.

I don't believe that was ever the case. Some bad guys wanted something that Ira had made: Zero Day. Not really sure what it would do, but it had something to do with a missile that was launched.

That's where Eric comes in to save the day, since he's the only one who knows how to hack into that sort of thing to change the direction. Thank goodness he does it in time, though! It's cool seeing him be the hero, but he did get shot at. Not hurt, but shot at. He was a bit in shock after that. 

Nell and Eric are super cute together! He gets totally jealous whenever he sees someone flirting with Nell. Nell also got to go in the field again! She's really good out there. But since they work together, I don't think they can get romantically involved, but I wish they would! Also, it seems like things are going well with Callen and whoever he is dating. So well in fact, that he has been late to work! So unlike Callen.

The plot thickens with Kensi being kidnapped. She finally meets who she thinks is the White Ghost: Jack! It was her fiance who she thought had died a long time ago. That's why she was so surprised to see him. I do and don't believe Jack all at the same time. I think he is the White Ghost and is just telling this because he knows Kensi is there to kill the White Ghost. I could be completely wrong, but I won't be surprised if she finds out that he didn't tell her the truth.

Did you love or hate this new episode? Let me know in the comments below!