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NCIS "Rock And A Hard Place" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

It was a fun episode, until the very end, but I'll get to that in a minute. Their new case was that a place where a concert was going to be held at for Marines had gotten bombed (not the whole building, just one room) and so the team has to figure out if it was a terrorist attack or if it was a specific target.

At first, all signs point to a specific target. Who just happened to be the guy that was doing the concert itself. Now they have this guy under security and Tony has a really hard time doing that. 

I was first thinking it was the singers agent because he was just acting odd to me, but then they learned that it wasn't a specific target, that money was hidden on the other base that the guy who was in charge of the concert wanted to move the concert to in order to have a distraction, so he could steal the money (well, that he had previously stolen)!

During all this, Jimmy is preparing for his adoptive baby to come any day now. It was so cute how everybody was helping him prepare. But here comes some sad news and I really felt bad for Jimmy (who totally needs in the show more!). The mother decides to keep the baby after the baby was born! He was so heartbroken and ready to give up on getting a family started, but Gibbs had a talk with him, telling him that he was ready for a family if he felt like he did and to fight for it. Ugh, I still feel bad for Jimmy when I remember this episode. He was all jazzed up about finally having a baby and then for this to happen to him? Ugh, poor guy.

Not too much else happened in the episode. I'm kind of surprised they haven't started a new story line for the season finale. Sure we are only in March, but most of my shows have started a story line already leading up to the season finale. I wonder what the new story line for the cliffhanger and such will be? I'm curious to find out how they will take this show to the 12th season (can you believe that?!).

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I enjoyed Tony and Manheim together - would have been nice to see Tony play guitar.
    The Palmer adoption storyline - that was always 'off' somehow - and Brian Dietzen must have said something nice about Cote DePablo - so as punishment the baby was taken away. Knife in the gut for fans. Can no one be happy on this show ?
    Bishop stopping Gibbs in the middle of Op to ask about how he 'knows' oh so stupid as usual with her making I counted 6 funny faces in this episode. That is how she 'acts'. And her taking down a 300 lb man - no - he threw himself at the door.SO DUMB!
    I believe I am well and truly done with this old show - so do not care about finale. I would give this episode a c-.


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