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Once Upon A Time "The Tower" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Is the Wicked Witch/Zelena good or bad? I'm not so sure after watching this new episode when she decides to help David get rid of his fear of being a parent again. I'm thinking she probably has some alter motives here and maybe wants to get to know the people really well before she tries to hurt them? I'm still not quite sure why she even wanted to bring the curse back or come to Storybrooke.

Rapunzel is this weeks fairy tale story, but we didn't go back too far. In fact, it was just the one year ago (well, now nine months ago) scene when Prince Charming is now afraid of being a parent again, since this is basically his first time. This story line and the one in the real world really combine nicely. You had to keep up with both in order to know at the end what the Wicked Witch really gave David. Because I thought for sure, it was gonna be something bad. 

All it turned out to be was something to help face your fears. That's what Rapunzel took as well and got her trapped for who knows how long, in the tower and Prince Charming went into the forrest even after Robin Hood warned him of it being haunted. Was it haunted because of Rapunzel or what? I never quite got that part figured out. But you know Prince Charming. Once he heard someone in trouble, he had to go rescue them. It was successful, too. Though, for a while there, you didn't think it was gonna be because you had no clue what was keeping Rapunzel trapped in the tower. As it turns out, the creepy hooded figure, was the fear and the fear was whoever took the Night Root (is that what it's called?) has to conquer their fear of facing a really mean version of themselves. Rapunzel successfully does it and so does David in the real world when he's faced with it.

Emma decides to take the more direct approach when finding clues to whoever was in Regina's office. They do it the old fashioned way. And possibly find some stuff. Still no sign of Neal and every time that name is mentioned, Hook gets all tense and jealous. Is there something that perhaps Hook isn't telling Emma about Neal or about something else? He is just acting really oddly lately. Of course, it could just be him, too. They do find where Zelena is living, but they don't know who lives there and drum roll.......they know Rumple is alive! Sort of. They at least found the place where Zelena held him captive, but some how, Rumple either escaped or Zelena let him out. I'm thinking he escaped, but Zelena is controlling him with the dagger and he really seems scared of it being in her hands.

Henry knows something is up with his mom because he knows she just wouldn't up and leave their good life. I forget how smart Henry is at these things. He doesn't know anything about the fairy tale world, sadly, but I think it's a matter of time before someone slips up around him or they perhaps find the storybook (has no one seriously thought of that?!) and that's how his memories come back or something. It would just be nice to have the old Henry back. I do love that Regina is finally comfortable (some what) to be around her son, even though it is hard for her, but I think it's a good thing for both of them. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!