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Person Of Interest "4C" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The team gets a new number, but in a very different way. I forget that the Machine talks to John still and evidently John did too because he blames Harold for giving him a new number.

John is trying to escape the Machine and everything that has happened by trying to get out of the country. He even throws away his phone when the Machine tries to contact him. I knew the Machine was gonna make it hard for John to quit and I am glad to know that I was right.

Their new number is a guy who is being transported by air marshals. Why is he so important and why would someone want him dead? According to Owen (the number), he's just a website money person for this big black market company. Though the minute he said that he knew the person in charge and not a lot of people do, I had a sneaking suspicion, that he was the real master mind behind the site, not just some low level computer geek like he made himself out to be. So, when it was confirmed that he was, I wasn't too surprised. That's why he has a mark on him. 

John spends the whole entire flight to keeping this guy alive (who was kind of annoying, but funny at the same time). But that's not all. Harold thought it was weird that the Machine would send John that certain number since that's not what Harold built it to do. In reality, someone else on the plane was gonna crash it and cause a lot of damage!

It was Carlos, the guy that Holly couldn't stand that would crash the plane. John is not able to stop the plane because he gets into a fight with the guy, so Harold has to plug in from where he is at and land it that way! It was nice seeing Harold be the hero.

John has decided to come back to work (finally!)! I didn't know that this was coming. Well, I knew it had to eventually, but yeah, so I was so happy when he said this! I think it's because of what happened and I think Holly helped him realize that what he does is good. Could Holly be a new love interest for John or was that a one time guest spot for her? The minute I saw Holly, I liked her. So, maybe she could be on more, who knows?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!