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Person Of Interest "Provenance" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

John is back! But there's no time to celebrate his return (though you can tell everybody - especially me - are happy that he is back) because a new number pops up!

The team has to go undercover to a fancy party when they learn that their number, Kelly, is working at the party. Little do they know that she is the one who is actually stealing the stuff! Why would the Machine send them her number? Well, it gets complicated.

Because we learn that Kelly is not doing this because she wants to, she's doing it because she has to and not because she needs the money, but because her daughter is being threatened by this guy who found Kelly (she is very good at stealing) and is now forcing her to steal stuff for him!

Now the team has to figure out how to get the Bible that Kelly needs without really stealing it and to find the daughter before she gets hurt if the guy catches on that it didn't go right.

I wasn't expecting the turn out, but I am happy with how it did turn out. But I guess I shouldn't be too surprised when John suddenly showed up in the feed and knocked out the bad guys and saved the little girl. Got the bad guy arrested and got Kelly out safe and sound! They also ended up getting this agent off of Kelly's tail and he's actually the one who let Kelly escape from jail since he knew that she was basically innocent! I'm glad he changed his mind about her. Loved the daughter/mother reunion at the end, too.

Was it just me or did we finally perhaps get some John/Shaw romance going? Not too much, but I think John was shocked with how Shaw looked for the party. I have always suspected that they like each other, but could this be a start of something maybe?

I am happy that they aren't forgetting about Carter too fast. It was cute how they were all hanging out after the big case was over and just joking around and John is the one who pored a drink for Carter. One of the things that bugs me sometimes about a TV show is when a character has a big dramatic departure and is not mentioned of from then on. But that is not the case with Carter and I am happy for that.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!