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Pretty Little Liars "Cover For Me" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Pretty uneventful episode. As in, nothing exciting happened. It turns out that Spencer did end up going to rehab. I'm kind of surprised we didn't see that part, but oh well. So, now since she's done that, she has to have a guy stay there and observe her and make sure she really kicks the drugs and to get out of it fine. His name is Dean and at first, I did not like him, but towards the end of the episode, I warmed up to him and was bummed when he left. I guess that's a good sign, though. With Spencer coming off the drugs, her brain is messing up and making her think she sees things and remembering bits and pieces. Dean says that's totally normal for the drug to cause something you forgot to come up. Because of this, she's realized something horrible! Spencer is now convinced that she "killed" Ali! She saw herself hit someone/something. I'm still not convinced that whatever we saw on Spencer's face was blood. Could have been a mud puddle or something like that. I do not believe for a second that Spencer had anything to do with Ali's disappearance. Also, Dean said that she could be putting together memories of what she's heard from other people, too. 

While all of that is going on with Spencer, none of her friends know what's up because she has to remain isolated until she's free to go. So, Spencer's locked at home and Aria has run away. First, I was thinking that Aria was lying to Emily where she was at, but as it turns out, she really is with her dad on some campus tour. Where she met a guy (we have yet to know what his name is, did they ever mention it?) and got really close to him. Aria moved really fast to the next guy. With this whole trip, Aria realized she needed to confront Ezra and tell him the what for. Aria believes that Ezra should move out of town! I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do, but she's hurt and confused, so I understand that. I think it would help if she talked to someone other then her friends, about what's going on. It was kind of awesome, though, that all her friends were ignoring Ezra, too!

-A is back with the creepy messages! But since Spencer has no phone, -A has to get creative and we all know that they are pretty good at that! -A's new threat to Spencer? -A said that Spencer dug Alison's grave and that -A will dig Spencer's! Creepy! What makes it even more creepy (if that's at all possible), is that the way Jessica talked to Spencer the next night when she came over! Jessica said some cryptic message about the sheets! Like she knew what had happened! Is Jessica in on this now, too?! CrAzy if she is!

Even though I never agreed with the whole Mona and Mike thing, I do feel bad for him about the whole break up. First, I didn't believe that it was Mona who texted him because I didn't think Mona would do it over a text. But now that I think about it, that would so be a Mona move. She did it because of all this mess with Ezra. She didn't want Mike to get involved. Mona was helping Ezra out with his book and now she can't get out of helping him. She really does look scared of Ezra.

Now the police think it was Hanna who wrote the note about Alison. Why would they think that she of all people would want Alison be found? I guess since they were friends, but it seems odd. Holbrook totally thinks that Hanna didn't do it, but that there's more to the story then that. Hanna was shocked about the note and had to play it cool when she found out. She also goes on a date with Travis! Who I do not trust for a minute! Especially after that weird look that Jessica gave him after they met and how they looked at each other, made me think that perhaps they knew each other before that.

With the whole Ezra and Aria confrontation, Ezra gave her a copy of his book (which he pulled the plug on) and she read it because he said that there's something in there that could help them out. Ok, there is some points right there for Ezra, but I'm not gonna be quick to let my guard down about him. Aria comes to realization that -A is Jessica and that perhaps she's doing this stuff to figure out who hurt her daughter and so that Alison could come home! Ever since the whole "Ezra is A" thing, I am not believing anything until the person that is excused of being -A, out right says "I'm -A". Until then, I won't believe it. Especially since they started to make it way obvious! Like at the end when a light turned on in Jessica's house and Spencer noticed it and got up to look, I was half expecting to see a shadow there, not Jessica standing behind Spencer in her own home! What was Jessica planning on doing? Hurt Spencer? Thank goodness her mom came it! But who turned on the light if Jessica wasn't in there? Also, what did the note from Toby say and why in the world is he in London? Isn't that where Wren and Melissa went? -A is seen with a bridal dress. Um...could it be for Spencer?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!