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Pretty Little Liars "A Is For Answers" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Yes, I sadly knew what happened at the end, but not all that happened and I'm glad because man, what a shocker it was! I did not see that coming and so many questions were answered.

First one: Who walked in on the four girls meeting Alison? It was Noel! It ended up not being Alison at that place, but Noel is in fact helping Alison (though towards the end I have my doubts on trusting him)! Kind of figured it was Noel just because I knew he was gonna be in the season finale and with Spencer's reaction, I kind of put two and two together.

So, let's start with the night Ali went missing. Ali has been trying for quite some time to figure out who -A is herself and has very clever plans on doing that. She did drug her friends that night and because Spencer was on speed, the pills didn't take. Spencer did not kill anybody like she thought, but Ali is the one who told her to stop taking the pills! The guy in the car was in fact Ezra (saw that from the promo pics) and Ian is not the one who hurt Ali that night, either. Ali thought he was -A and threatened him to stop texting her because she had the videos, but Ian said that if she leaked those videos, more then himself was gonna be hurt from them. What did he catch on those videos? Makes me wonder if perhaps -A is on them? 

That weekend she lied about when she went to visit her grandma, was really her being with Ian. But I think that was all a plan to get the videos since she thought he was -A. Ali is the one who pushed Ian off the bell tower to save Spencer and Ali is also the one who saved Ian since she knew he was still alive. Well, didn't save him, but yeah.

It was quite interesting seeing the first meeting between Ali and Ezra. A little weird, but yeah. That's why he saw her that night before she disappeared. Because he was tired of all the lies and didn't want to get in trouble for anything because of her being a minor and all that. 

Now came the hard part to watch. Ali is walking home that night and her mom is not pleased that she went out anyways and here comes the horrible part: Jessica saw someone hit her daughter on the head! She thought her daughter was dead and buried her alive! How could someone do that? All Jessica kept saying was "How could you do this?". Could Jason have been the person Jessica saw? Would make sense with what she was saying. The creepy lady from Ravenswood did really pull Ali out and you'll never guess who actually helped Ali get away! It was in fact Mona's idea on her faking her death and all that. But here's the kicker. They are at Lost Woods resort (or is it Last?) and Ali is sleeping in one room and the lair is in the other room that Mona is in! Could Mona be bad this whole time and did this just to keep track of Ali? Or did she just do this so she could know how to become popular?

What was up with Holbrooke questioning just the Hastings family? Anybody find that odd? Melissa shows up because Toby tracked her down to let her know about Spencer (go Toby!)! But I believe Melissa is the one who ended up killing whoever is in Ali's grave. Not sure why, but I think that's what Melissa leaned over to tell her dad in the police station because she knew for a fact that her sister didn't kill anybody. Holbrooke looked mighty suspicious tonight. Not sure why, but I am penciling him into my -A list. 

Now comes the shocker/cliffhanger. We think the police have tracked down the girls, but really, they were at the place their phones were at and the girls were somewhere completely different and it's -A who actually found them! The real -A, I think. The only people who knew Ali was alive and where they were was Noel and perhaps Holbrooke. Everybody else was in the police station. Here comes what we fans were hoping was a big revelation, but it was a let down since we didn't see anybody under the mask. But there was a shock. Ezra is there to save the girls and it's a good thing, too, since -A had a gun this time! Sadly, (and I really do mean, sadly, - Ezra made my good list and he's not on the creepy list anymore) Ezra gets shot and we don't know if he lives or dies because that's where it ends and then we see -A burying Jessica? Huh? I have a feeling if they did kill off Ezra, they'd lose all their fans. I never really liked him, but he made my favorites list after tonight since he really is/was trying hard to make things right with Aria. 

I am a little disappointed that they did not reveal an -A like they have in the past. I was totally suspecting us to pull back and look at the guy (yes, I believe it's a guy) and let us know of someone else this time. But I really believe we are getting close to finding out who it is. My list right now: Wren, Noel (since he's the only one who really knew where they were) and Holbrooke or someone else we aren't suspecting. Oh and Jason is on my list, too. He always has been and always will be until they clear his name. I do remember in a lot of reviews from Marlene, that -A is someone we've seen in the first episode and so far, that's Wren. He has yet to be cleared of being -A and almost everybody has. Glad to know that my list wasn't too far off from Alison's, though. :) June 10th is when season 5 starts.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!