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Pretty Little Liars "Unbridled" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

"Spencer gets ready for the biggest day of her life" is what we heard over the promo for this week's wedding themed episode. When in fact, all the girls got ready for their biggest day of their life. Of course, Spencer is the one who had an interesting turn out.

Jessica is hosting this big bridal fashion show, which the girls planned to ignore since they found out that Jessica could be -A (though I have serious doubts on that theory). But she's obviously helping someone when Ashley finds young adult clothes in Alison's bedroom when trying to help Jessica with the fashion show, which Jessica catches her and I thought she was gonna do something bad to either Hanna or Ashley, but it just seemed like she made Ashley feel horrible about stuff she had done, basically. Which Jessica is good at doing that, that's for sure.

Ella is back! I knew this since I had seen the promo photos, but I am so happy for Aria! She needs her mom. Not that she can't say too much about the whole Ezra thing, but I have a feeling she can at least talk about it without giving too much away. She could still say, "He lied to me the whole time because he was writing a book about Alison and we were his research". That would not give anything away with the whole -A thing and why she doesn't want to just talk it out with her mom, is odd to me. Instead, when they first try to talk about it, Aria freaks out at her mom and gets jealous because of Ella and her boyfriend, Zack, is what I got from it.

I still find it odd that Toby would up and leave without telling anybody where he was going. Especially since he ended up in London? What was that about? Anybody else find that odd?

Hanna is trying to work things out with Travis and patching things up from the horrible first date they had. It looks like it might take them some time to mend up, though. However, I don't trust Travis and I know for a fact that Caleb is coming back, so I see a love triangle in Hanna's future. And with the conversation that Emily and Paige had before they left to go find Alison, could it be that they broke up? I'm thinking that's what it meant. Paige finally admitted to Emily that she did the note because she still wants revenge after all these years with Alison. But doesn't Paige realize that she herself could be in danger too, if -A found out who wrote the note? I don't know why I think that, but I have a feeling something bad might happen to Paige and I think she's more jealous then anything, too.

Dean has to leave! No! Just when I was beginning to like him, too. All because he was trying to help Spencer fall asleep and they ended up both falling asleep and Mrs. Hastings came like completely apart. Shouldn't she know that her daughter would not do anything to hurt Toby whom she loves very much? Why would Mrs. Hastings come unglued like she did? I found that was a very odd way to react to an innocent situation and she wouldn't even hear an explanation! She should have known that how they had fallen asleep on the couch, that nothing happened between them.

So comes the big fashion show that the girls decided to be apart of since Ashley told her daughter about the bag of clothes. They want to go to it, so that they can find the bag of clothes or figure out who it is going to. The girls looked beautiful in their dresses. My favorite was a toss up between Spencer's and Aria's. However, I was bummed we didn't get to see the big fashion part of the show like we did the last time. While Emily and Hanna are searching for the bag, Spencer is on a search for her own when she sees Jessica hand the suitcase off to someone hiding behind a bush. She thought it was Cece! So, she runs off after them, but never finds them. Instead, she gets scraped up a bit and gets her vail trapped in a bear trap! Now comes the creepy part. Ok, not that the other part wasn't creepy, but yeah. When Spencer finally gets back, she has to undo the middle belt thing on her dress and what's in it that is hurting her so bad? Bone fingers! It was the dress that -A was working on in the last scene of last weeks episode with a note from -A! 

Jason is back! We learn from Dean, that Jason was not where he said he was. So, where was Jason? Home all along helping his mom be -A or what? I never believed for a minute that he was in rehab. 

There is some good news in this whole crazy episode. Ella got engaged! I'm glad of Aria's reaction. I'm not sure how Mike is gonna handle it, though. But glad to know something good is happening to someone.

They find Alison in some abandoned place and someone shows up there after they did and that's where it left off! I'm thinking Noel (since he's in the season finale) or Paige (she could have followed them since she was upset with Emily) or someone very unexpected (Lucas?). Oh, almost forgot to mention that we had an Alison flashback, a couple of them actually! First, we see Alison and Jessica and it clearly sounded like Alison was telling her mom about the scary notes she was receiving and they thought they had come from Spencer, since according to Jessica, she always thought Spencer had it out for her daughter. Then there was a flashback of Mrs. Hastings and Alison talking about Spencer and Spencer over heard them. I'm not sure what the importance of the last flashback was, but I think it will be. Mrs. Hastings tells her daughter yet again to leave that summer alone. What's so bad that happened that year?

-A is at some hotel somewhere and it looks like they found Cece! So, they call the police!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!