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Psych "The Break-Up" (Series Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Sadly, it's that time to say goodbye to one of the goofiest (I say that in a nice way), fun and drama and sometimes odd, TV show known and Psych. Even though I called it last year when writing my goodbye for Burn Notice, I am still sad that this show has ended. The cast is right, they did go out on a bang. After watching last weeks episode, I was nervous for how they would end the show, but it's close to the top on my series finales' list.

However, for a while during the actual show watching, I was nervous that I was not going to like it at all. So far, we had only seen Juliet once and it wasn't going any way like I was hoping it would and I thought it was gonna end on a sad note, which I always hate it when shows end in a very depressing way. But my fears washed away right when we saw Gus walk in when Shawn had just gotten to where Juliet was at her crime scene in San Francisco.

But there's way more to the story then that. First, they have to solve their last ever case, which Bessie is always ahead of them and Shawn slowly realizes that they aren't needed at the department anymore, which makes it harder for what he has to tell Gus even worse because Gus is also having a hard time with this.

Gus is also in a good place. Has an amazing new job, a new girl he might like and has all this hopes and dreams that he wants to start doing. After watching last weeks episode, I'm glad things turned around suddenly for him.

Oh right, the case. It's a dead guy who was killed over blackmail gone wrong. I think the three guys were in on something together and Ian (the bad guy), shot one of them, then the other bad guy blackmailed him, etc. I believe, I wasn't really paying too much attention to the case, to be honest. It was a good one, though. Shawn and Gus had to get out of a predicament with Ian holding them at gun point at their old high school and Shawn having to steal the student car (again) and then having to have his dad help him out. Which meant that Henry got major points for the three whole students he had in his class that he was teaching (whom he was trying to teach like he did for Shawn, which I thought was a cool touch). All this time, Shawn is trying to figure out how he could get his in on the case and also trying to break the sad news to Gus that Shawn is closing up Psych and moving to be with Juliet.

Well, that never does happen and Shawn takes the easy way out (like he always does) and makes personalized DVD's for everyone (and I mean everyone - even people he didn't even know in the police station, he still found something to say to them). I loved Lassiter's best of all. Because Shawn decided to come clean to Lassiter! But I'm surprised Lassiter didn't watch the full end of his confession. Sure, he heard him say that Lassiter was right all along, but the fact that Lassiter destroyed the disc, shows you how much he has changed over the years and dare I say it, that they even became friends (Shawn admitted, why can't I?)? Shawn had guts though, telling it to Lassiter that he was a fake this whole time. Even if it wasn't to his face.

Now comes the best news of all! Shawn finally makes it to Juliet's crime scene (how he knew where to find her, I don't know) and a few minutes later, in walks Gus! Like I said above, I am happy that Gus decided to chase after his friend, seeing has he realized he had no future or anything in Santa Barbara. He even tried to spill his feelings out to the girl (who he thought was the girl of his dreams) and she pretty much was creeped out by how he came on to her. But before his realization of knowing he should be with Shawn, we learn that he turned around 12 times before he finally decided that it was an ok thing to do. Ok, that was just a token of the best news. Here comes the real best news and the one I've been hoping for, for years! Shawn proposes to Juliet! She accepts, of course and before he could give her the ring, it's stolen and they drive off to chase after yet another bad guy. And yes, they still have the student driver car and Shawn and Gus are both trying to drive at the same time. 

I just found out that they had no clue that they were ending this season and I am surprised because of how the season was winding down and such. Sure, with Gus moving out with Shawn and Juliet, I could see them thinking they could have continued it from there, but I am glad it's where they ended. Though, I wouldn't mind one bit if we had a Psych Wedding special for Shawn and Juliet. They could continue it with them trying to find the ring and then planning the wedding. But if that doesn't work out, I'm am genuinely happy with the finale.

Did you love or hate the finale? Let me know in the comments below!