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Psych "A Nightmare On State Street" Episode Review


*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Psych normally does spoof horror movie episodes and I normally love watching them because in the end, they normally have a very logical explanation in the episode. But with this weeks spoofed episode, I feel like they've gone too far to the point of it being a real horror movie shrunk down to an hour episode. Ok, so there was an explanation for the extremely creepy zombies because all of that was a dream, but even with the zombies I felt like they went too far. Also, it doesn't help that I hate nightmares (well, really who does like them?) and I am super afraid of zombies. So that combination was not the best for me.

I also felt like it was hard to keep up with the actual story line and what the case was and what really happened. Though I figured out throughout the episode, once Shawn said "I have to pee" and then a zombie comes, that Gus must have dozed off again. But I wanna know how he ended up with Shawn actually investigating the case (yes, some of those scenes - minus the zombies of course - were real), to all of the sudden back at the doctors. That's what made me question what scenes were real. Though that was made clear at the end (sort of) when the true bad guy was caught and that's when I kind of figured out what scenes were real and what weren't (though I am still a little confused).

I feel like the only bright spot of the episode, was Bruce Campbell playing the dream therapy doctor. He was a little weird and out there, but still fun to watch.

What I think the dreams meant was that Gus was having trouble with everybody moving on without him and he'd be stuck there forever with no goals or anything whatsoever and he's afraid of losing Shawn. Which is understandable since they are best friends and they've done everything together. And he's also afraid of not finding a soul mate. 

Here's a fun fact about this episode: James Roday (Shawn) wrote and directed this episode. Or maybe he just directed it (correct me if I'm wrong).

Even though this was the second to the last episode, I don't feel bad saying that it would be an ok episode to miss. Unless you love the Nightmare On Elm Street (which I'm assuming the show was spoofed off of) movies and love this show, then this is the best episode for you to watch! It just wasn't my cup of tea.