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Suits "Buried Secrets" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

It wasn't their strongest season/mid season (whatever it was - I lose track) premiere, but it was still fun to watch and some issues got resolved, but more issues came up.

First, we start off with good news. Since Rachel isn't moving away, she has decided to move in with Mike. Harvey seems to be doing pretty well with the Scottie relationship, but some conflict rises up between them. He wants to hire Scottie at the firm, but Jessica knows about their relationship and making Scottie buy in already! Scottie has doubts because she feels that if something were to happen with their relationship, it would affect her job and she might not want to work there anymore. 

That's where one of the main story lines for this episode, takes off. Harvey trying to figure out how to deal with this without having Scottie having to pay her way. He thinks she has to land a major client to show Jessica that she's good and that she shouldn't have to pay, etc. They get it worked out that Scottie can hire Michael Phelps! And she does! But that isn't what Jessica wanted. Harvey ends up paying the money and that doesn't thrill Scottie too much. At first, I didn't like Scottie and I still don't really because I still want Harvey and Donna to be together, but in a way, I feel that Scottie will be good for Harvey, with the whole honesty thing.

The other story line is that Mike has a run in with someone he did not like in his past. A guy that dealt with his parents car accident and he did not like how he dealt with it and this guy still acts the same with each case. Mike insists on taking it and Harvey let's him. Let's just say, it was a rocky road for Mike to go down. I know Mike was upset that Harvey went in on the disposition, but I for one, am glad he was there since Mike recalled the first encounter he had with the guy and kind of lost it. But eventually, Mike does a lot of research, tries different angles and ends up winning the case, I believe. But not after Mike finding out that perhaps, his dad was partly responsible for the accident when his parents died since he had a few drinks. Mike also felt bad for that night because he was mad at his parents for going out that night because his dad liked to celebrate everything. This was probably my favorite part of the whole episode when at the end, Rachel wanted to pick up on that tradition with Mike! 

So, the whole Louis/Mike thing. What's Louis' plan now that he knows Mike's record isn't at Harvard? First, he talks things out with Donna and then researches some stuff and talks more to Donna who in turn acts all hurt and stuff just to try to get the heat off of Mike! How I can possibly like Donna more, I don't know, but I did during this scene. It was just so awesome how she turned the table onto herself and let the heat off of Mike! Louis gets the transcript (I think Donna and Harvey had something to do with that) and he's reading it, but then he realizes a mistake! There's a class that Mike took that nobody ever got an A+ in and he did! This can't be good. Now Louis knows that the transcript was a fake. What's he gonna do about it now? Louis also feels like he should tell Sheila about it, but thanks to Donna (again), Louis decides that he doesn't need to. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!