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Hawaii Five-0 "Ha lalo o ka ili (Beneath The Surface)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I think this is the first time I've ever been mad at how an episode of this show, has ended. Normally an ending doesn't bug me, but this one did. Then again, I started to think about it more and the way I wanted it to end, wouldn't have worked out, but still.

Anyways, their new case is when a girl is kidnapped after her father was murdered. Everything about the case seems like a normal kidnapping, but little do they know the huge twist that they throw us. Which I wasn't surprised about because I could tell there was something up with this kid who is supposedly her kidnapper. But I didn't know it was gonna play out like it did.

The kid, Tommy, really did kill Kelly's dad, but only because Tommy thought he was protecting Kelly. Tommy was in love with Kelly and thought her dad was beating her!

In a way, before it was even revealed, I kind of wondered if the girl (Kelly) was in on it. Because she started to act odd towards the end and you could totally tell that Tommy had a hard time with doing what he was doing. 

My suspicions were confirmed when the photos of Kelly's dad beating her were proven to be fakes and she had Tommy believe that the dad was beating her, so that he would kill the dad thinking he was protecting Kelly. When in the end, she just wanted the money! Absolutely loved this part when Kono told the girl off saying that her dad recently changed something in the contract to where she wouldn't get a thing! All of this for nothing. This is the part that made me mad, is that poor Tommy had to die because of what this girl had dreamed up to get the money. How horrible is that? For sure, I thought they were gonna reveal in the next scene, Tommy standing there alive and well. But with how he was shot, I guess that wouldn't have worked out. Would have been very unrealistic. But still, I was sad that he had to die because of this. Though, they did get Kelly, so there was some good news there.

Danny does something really sweet for his parents. Clara is still upset about her husband not wanting to be with her after his retirement. But Danny has his dad come out and throws his parents a surprise dinner where they had their first date! It was so sweet and it worked. I think they are making up and Clara is realizing why her husband acted like he did after his retirement.

Oh and Jerry found something quite interesting with the whole Shelburn story line. Remember the tool box that Steve had of his dad's? Well, as it turns out that tool box was repainted! Because there were coordinates on the box to where Shelburn is! It's more then a person, it's somewhere in the middle of no where and no one can tell Steve! Weird, right? I wonder what's gonna happen with that next. 

So yeah, pretty much it. Tell me what you liked about this episode in the comments below!