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Hawaii Five-0 "Hōkū Welowelo (Fire In The Sky)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Anybody else feel like this episode wasn't as great as they normally are? Because I felt a little bored during this one. Could be though, that I wasn't totally paying attention and was a little confused during the end. 

But I did love having Jerry back! The first time he called Steve right after he arrived to the case and how Jerry sounded, I thought it was gonna be a new bad guy after him and I'm sure that's what went through Steve's head, until he turned around and saw Jerry standing there.

Danny's mom is still in town too and wants to have a little adventure. So, Steve goes behind Danny's back (yes, major banter between the two does happen because of this!) and sets up a ride along with Grover. Which is pretty smooth sailing, so Danny shouldn't have worried like he did, but he's Danny, so he did. Because of the ride along, Clara gets asked out by the guy that was in charge at the gun place Grover took her too. Ended up going on a date with the guy, but she realized at the end, she didn't have as much fun as she thought she would.

Anyways, back to the strange case. A honeymoon couple is murdered shortly after their boat almost gets bombed by a falling something out of the sky. As it turns out, it was a Chinese spy satellite, but it couldn't be because they normally know when those things suddenly come crashing down. But it looks like they have a spy on their hands in their country and a lady Chinese agent that was sent to stop him. Little does the team know, that it ended up being her once fiance! Bit of a conflict, don't you think? Not to worry, though, she ends up catching him and killing him. I did feel bad for her when that happened. 

Since Jerry's home isn't safe right now, he wants to crash with Steve. Steve was hesitant at first, but agreed to let him stay there. I wonder if this means that we will be seeing more of Jerry? I really like Jerry. His character is goofy (in a good way, not a mean way) and a great addition to the show.

Oh yeah, we also learn from Steve his real reason for coming back home to Hawaii. It mainly had to do with his friends' death. His friend saved him and he just didn't like that too much. So, he ran away from that. It is nice to see that Grover and Steve are opening up to each other now. I doubt even Danny knows this info about Steve. However, if he does find out and learns that Grover knew first, I don't think Danny would love that at all. Seeing as Danny and Grover don't really get along too much. I don't see why he has such a problem with Grover. Is Danny afraid of being replaced? Oh, I forgot to talk about that odd conversation Steve had at the end! What was up with that? Is Steve involved in something bad or what? Totally confused!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!