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NCIS "Alleged" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

After last weeks episode, I was afraid if I was ever gonna truly enjoy this show again and I can say proudly that I can! This episode was great. The story line was deep, all the characters got plenty of screen time (even Abby and Jimmy!) and I feel like the cast themselves is finally clicking. I just felt like they had to get their footing again after the loss of Ziva. I feel like they finally did that with this episode. 

Their new case is when a victim is found murdered and they try to figure out why (like most cases), but this one turns into quite the puzzle. It all turns over to this one girl, whom I knew it was gonna be the girl who we first saw on the ship that Gibbs and his team went to check out. But I didn't know what her story was gonna be.

I felt terrible for the poor girl with what happened to her. She was scared and had no clue who to trust, since she didn't know who did it to her. But she felt like she could confide in Tate (the dead guy) and it was all because of this whole mess that he was killed. I believe he was gonna go tell someone and the guy killed him to keep his mouth shut or something.

The guy who ended up being the bad guy, I wasn't really shocked when they revealed that. Actually, during the last 20 minutes or so, I was thinking it was the XO or whatever his rank was (I can't remember) and I was right! He's done this to several other girls on different ships.

On a funnier note, Tony and McGee are doing some sort of body cleanse. Along with me and all the rest of the characters on the show, I don't really get those. The minute we saw Tony, I knew he didn't like it. I think he kept more to it then McGee did because we later find out that he'd been "cheating" on it ever since they started! Tony was not at all thrilled with him. Oh and poor McGee, his girlfriend did leave. I am bummed about that, but I'm hoping she comes back!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!