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NCIS "Crescent City: Part 2" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This new team is all instantly likable for me and that really doesn't happen very often with new members. Normally, it takes me a few episodes and sometimes even a full season to figure out what character I like and so on. As of right now, I love the whole team. If I really, really had to choose, it'd probably be the male version of Abby: Hobbs. I love it how they have their counterparts, but they are similar in some ways, but not so much so to the fact that "we've seen them before". After watching these two episodes, I'm really hoping that NCIS: New Orleans will be something I'll be watching in the fall.

Anyways, to the episode. The story continues on their search for the Privileged Killer. At first, it turns out to be a copy cat, but later, we find out that sadly, the evidence was fixed to send that poor, innocent guy to jail all because Gibbs' and Pride's boss was in need of money and took a bribe from the dad of the killer to keep his son from killing. What a horrible thing, huh? I guess it was good to learn that Dan wasn't too bad, I mean, he was, but not like we thought he was. He was desperate and when you are desperate, you can do some bad stuff.

There were antics in both parts of the episode. One in Washington and one in New Orleans. No April Fools stuff happened, though, which I'm surprised because that's like Tony's holiday, but whatever. Anyways, Ellie sends Tony a voodoo doll? Why would she ever send Tony something like that? Tony actually believes in those little things, too. Well, what doesn't help is when he had a headache and he found the doll with a needle in the head. In New Orleans, we learn that Lasalle likes to play with legos, but not like what kids do. He makes sculptors out of them! Thought that was kind of neat and something different. I also loved the fact that both teams were joking around with each other.

When we learned that McGee was with the killer's dad, I thought something really horrible was gonna happen to McGee. In a way, I'm a little disappointed that all that happened was that he got knocked on the head. Don't get me wrong, though, I am glad that nothing too terrible happened to him, though. I was just expecting something bigger, but since he really wasn't with the killer, that's probably why. The dad just decided to kill himself, but not before he called his son: Spencer, to warn him.

 Don't worry, they do catch the guy, but not before he chooses his next victim. Thank goodness the team gets there in time to save the poor woman and they end up shooting and killing Spencer. 

All in all, it was a very exciting way to introduce a brand new team that we are hopefully gonna see more of and an amazing conclusion to the story line.

Do you wish to see an NCIS: New Orleans spin off in the fall? Let me know in the comments below!