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NCIS: LA "Windfall" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Kensi is home! It's super nice to have her back on the team. Forgot how much I missed her. I mean, she wasn't like gone gone, but still, it was different. I'm just glad they didn't completely write her out of the story like when some shows do.

The big question now, though, is Kensi really fine like she tells everybody she is? She went through a pretty difficult time on her case. So there's bound to be something going on with her, but so far, everything seems fine with her. But she has yet to be back in the field, because Hetty doesn't believe she's ok. Later, we find out why Hetty hesitated in putting Kensi back out in the field. Turns out that Hetty did that with another agent a while ago and it was way too soon and he ended up freezing up and his partner got killed! After hearing that, I totally understand why Hetty was hesitant in putting Kensi out there again.

Why Hetty thought to put Kensi in OPS, though, I have no clue. Kensi was completely bored and totally getting on Eric's nerves and he was really missing Nell's help, who was Deeks partner. Each time we see Nell in the field, I get more and more impressed with her. Who knew that this cute, nerdy girl would be that great in the field? Even Deeks' CI was impressed with her.

So, the case is having to do with missing money and a former Marine is being tracked when he supposedly stole money when he was on a mission. As it turns out, he didn't do it, but his partner did do it. Or they were both in on it, can't totally remember. But I loved the hiding spot for the money, in the giant wine bottle that was outside the wine building. Too funny!

Hetty finally gives in and let's Deeks have his old partner back. However, I do feel like we just did this story line, but with Deeks instead. So I wasn't surprised when Hetty gave Kensi the ok to go back in the field. I was happy, but I wasn't surprised. I was actually kind of bummed seeing as I thought it would take a little long for Hetty to give the ok, but I guess Kensi has been away from the team so long that the writers didn't want to do that and I can understand that, too. Could there be danger in Deeks and Kensi's relationship though? Like could Kensi realize she still has feelings for Jack or does she just have to get over the shock of seeing her former fiance alive when she thought all these years, he was dead? I hope there's nothing that will get in their way for making a start at their relationship. Everybody knows that Kensi and Deeks like each other. Though, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, seeing as it's against the rules. But I love this couple (though they aren't together yet) and would love for something to happen between them!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!