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NCIS "Page Not Found" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Tuesdays new NCIS was lacking something for me to enjoy and I'm not sure what it was. No, it wasn't the show not having Ziva because I really like Ellie. I just couldn't get into the storyline. There were a couple high points though....

The first one being that Jimmy and Ducky got to go undercover! That was fun to watch. The other one was seeing more of Delilah. I was iffy of Delilah at first because it seems like when McGee has a girlfriend, they turn out to be bad. But with Delilah, that doesn't seem to be the case. The girlfriend has been good for McGee. I think it's helped his character change, in a good way. There's some sad news on their relationship, though, when Delilah gets a promotion in some other country. Us fans can breathe easy, though, because it looks like they are gonna try hard and make this long distance relationship work. I think if anybody can do that, it's McGee and Delilah. 

Even Tony has changed. At first I didn't like his change because I loved the old Tony, but Tony has matured (not that he wasn't before) and even became a good friend to McGee. The person I'd love to see have a better story line instead of just a work related one, is Abby. She seems to not have had much of a story line lately and very little screen time, too. 

The technology humor was just hilarious! One of the few things I remembered enjoying about this episode. First, the having to talk to Gibbs about any gadget type stuff is always funny. Like when Ellie asked if Gibbs knew what amazon was and I'm sure he thought of the river, not the site when he said, "Yeah, it's a big one".  Which I guess could answer both questions. Then when they learned that their bad guy wasn't really the bad guy. Smart move on Gibbs part to figure out if this guy really was the web designer when it turned out to actually be his daughter with using Ellie's smart phone for the guy to call out instead of his flip phone. 

Brisco ended up being the bad guy, which wasn't a big surprise to me. Knew something was off about him when he started saying odd things about the guy (Jones) that was supposedly murdered a few months back. Come to find out, that Brisco actually had Jones kidnapped and was torturing him to get info on the illegal website! It was nice to see them find Jones and reunite him with his fiancé (who, thankfully understood) and caught Brisco! It was just awesome that the couple actually was able to get married and with having McGee and Delilah be their witnesses! So cute! 

In the end, they catch the bad guy (well, girl, in this case) and everything turns out fine. It was a fun episode now that I think back to it, but at the time, I just couldn't get into it. Also, where's the story line for the season finale? That's still a month away, sure, but some of my shows I've watched, have started up with that already. But I know sometimes, that they like to wait until the last two episodes before they even mention a story line in this show, it seems like anyways. 

Are you sad about Delilah leaving? Discuss away in the comments below!