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Once Upon A Time "Quiet Minds" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

 Grab a box of tissues, because what I'm about to say is gonna make you cry and cry and cry. Neal dies, again! This time for good. Unless some weird magic happens and brings him back to life, but I have a funny feeling that won't happen. It was a total shock to see this since I had no clue it was gonna happen. I feel so bad for Emma! Every time she gets close to a character she'll like, he's either bad or dies! Poor girl! 

There is some good though. The main characters learn of the Wicked Witches identity thanks to Mr. Gold! But we have yet to learn why she put this spell on the town again and made them forget the whole year. 

Why oh why is Zelena so interested in Mary Margaret's baby? That is another question that has yet to be revealed and is it odd to anybody else that Mary Margaret hadn't felt the baby move until Zelena was over there? 

It was nice to see Hook being nice to Neal for once. The hug was a but awkward at first, but then to learn that it was sincere, made it better. It was more touching and I'm glad they had that moment since the unfortunate thing is coming up. 

They find Mr. Gold! But he's not quite himself. He is crazy (knew it). Just not expecting why he was crazy. Again, the two stories we were seeing were related and I find that interesting that they connect them. In the year before, Neal and Belle are trying to find a way to bring Mr. Gold back and they do learn a way. Little do they know, that it was the Wicked Witches set up. Neal has no clue that bringing his father back, means Neal would have to give up his own life! Mr. Gold somehow works something out with the Wicked Witch, I'm assuming, since Neal was still alive after this. But that meant that Neal would be in his dad and vice versa. Once Mr. Gold was separated from his son, Neal would die and that's sadly how Neal's life ended. 

It was made worse when he and Emma had a touching scene right before that. They were laughing and having a great time and did I sense some chemistry? Seemed like they were on the mends of fixing their relationship and then sadly, he dies. His last wish was that Henry would know that his father was a good man. If only they could restore his memory (hello, find the storybook!) and then he could really remember. 

Even though it was a very sad episode, it has to be one of my favorites so far and a very eventful one at that. So, now what are they gonna do knowing that Zelena is who they are after? We will have to wait and see in the next episode! 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!