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Castle "Veritas" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

An epic conclusion to the story which basically was the main story line for the show. I have no clue what they are gonna do after this, but it seems like they have some direction after watching the season finale. But let's first talk about this episode.

I had no clue that this story line was gonna get concluded at the end of this season, so for Kate to have finally gotten some sort of proof on the guy who killed her mom, was a surprise and I wanted to cheer when she finally arrested this jerk who has caused her nothing but problems ever since she found out it was him.

Bracken thought he had all his ducks in a row sort to speak, but he missed one key ingredient. The so called tape that was out there that he thought was just a myth and boy was he dead wrong! It just took Kate and Castle both on trying to figure out where her mom would have hid it. It was actually Castle who figured out some part of the clue and Kate was the one who figured out the rest.

But before all that, Kate also got in way over her head. Like she normally does when it involves her mom's murder. If I was Castle, I would have never let her out of my sight knowing what has happened previously. But he does for a brief amount of time and I still have no clue where he even went to since the bad guys came in right after he left. They tortured Kate and almost killed her, but she was a lot smarter then them and got out of it. 

Kate recalled an early memory of first meeting Montgomery. It was so sad to see him again, but because of that memory, something triggered in her head that helped her find the tape. 

I am so glad that they caught this jerk before he became the President! That would have been even harder to try to get something on him. So, when Kate finally realized where the tape was (hidden in a family of elephants on Kate's desk, boy was Kate's mom smart!) and hearing the confession that Bracken is a murderer, was music to my ears and probably to everybody else who is a fan of this show. It was awesome that Kate's whole team was there to watch him arrest the jerk and to do it while he was in a major interview! 

So, where will they go now that this major plot line is solved? Well, I'll talk about that in my next review. :)

Did you love this episode as much as I did? Let me know in the comments below!