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Hawaii Five-0 "Pe'epe'e Kãnaka (Those Among Us)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Where do I begin with reviewing this episode? Not that it was a bad episode at all. I actually really enjoyed it. The only thing I disliked about it, is that I was able to pick the bad guy (girl) too fast. Which is totally unlike me. I like the cases where you are shocked when you find out who the murderer is. But aside from that, it was a fun episode.

It is awesome seeing Grover fit in with Steve's team now. They are even doing stuff with him outside of work! I thought it was really cute that Chin took Grover to teach him how to spear fish! Though, it looked like Grover was having a hard time actually doing it, so Chin had to start bragging about the stuff Steve had caught in order for Grover to actually do it. Which helped big time, but Grover caught a huge fish. Which means, he is gonna brag about it to Steve like crazy! 

Danny actually took Steve's advice from when they were trapped in the building waiting to be dug out! I think Steve was surprised to learn that Danny went away with Amber somewhere. However, Danny still blames Steve for the bomb in the building. How that it Steve's fault, I don't know, but you know Danny. 

At first, they thought that the murder victim had stumbled in on a meth lab, but they were wrong! It was actually a place where they were making bombs! All this leads to a terrorist group of kids (young adults, I'm assuming) who were going to bomb some place. Dawn was apart of the group, too, which I wasn't surprised. Seeing as how she was acting kind of odd with Steve when he first visited her. But they had a boss over them and they tracked them down and it lead to a military truck that got ambushed and four of them were dead, except for one. It was pretty awesome that Steve and Danny felt the need to fly all the way to San Diego to let the only remaining survivor of the truck, know that they had caught the bad guys.

The show always seems to end with the whole gang having dinner at some place now-a-days. Which is cute seeing that. I also thought it was sweet of Kono to invite the cop that asked her out earlier to have dinner with them (don't worry, she seems to still be happy with Adam). Grover makes a huge speech about his fish before they eat it and the banter between him and Steve gets worse to the point of Grover calling a fish off to see who can catch the largest fish! It was a cute way to end the episode. :)

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!