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NCIS "The Admiral's Daughter" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Now this is the kind of episode I love from this show. A little bit of action, a great story line, plenty of screen time from the whole cast and not to mention it basically featured, Tony, who's my favorite character. :)

I totally was not expecting the turn out of this episode, either. What a surprise to learn that the Admiral's daughter was in fact a spy. At first, I was thinking she had something to do with the NCIS agents found killed that got Tony framed for murder (poor guy), but she wasn't. Well, she was sort of, but not the one who actually did the killing.

They sure had to go a long way about in trying to figure out the case, though. Didn't really expect the French lady (Isabelle) who flirted with Tony, to be the one who actually was bad. So, for her to pull Tony's gun on him, was a shock. Not to mention the fact that Amanda's friend, was also in on it. 

I found it odd that Amanda wanted so badly go to back to where they came from. That's what made me wonder if she was bad, so to learn that she was actually a good guy and trying to go back for a team member, was a surprise as well. But I did love the fact that she ended up not being bad and not really being a brat. That was her cover. What a smart cover, because she had me fooled.

Don't worry, they do get her friend and they both get out fine. Thanks to a certain man named Gibbs who called in a favor with some agent group (who I completely spaced on the name). 

What an awesome for Tony to figure out how to communicate with Jimmy and his team back home without comprising his mission. It was through a game that everybody seems to be obsessed with. It was even more awesome when Jimmy's wife used it to tell him she was pregnant! I didn't think they were going to try or that she could have babies, so to learn that and to learn it that way was very cute and so totally Jimmy. Though, Tony had to explain to Jimmy what it meant. The smile on Jimmy's face was just awesome when he realized that he was gonna have a baby! I have to admit, I had a huge smile on my face as well. Nice to see something good happen to him after the whole adoption thing went up in flames. Also, loved that the show had a lighter feel to it, even though it was on a more serious note. The sewer pipe talk was hilarious! Even had Gibbs laughing! Haven't seen that in a while. It was just a nice fun episode, but not too fun to the point of it being corny. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. It was ok but did not live up to the hype. Not nearly as good as when Tony and Ziva were in Paris. Would have been better if there was no Bishop to be seen or heard. Emily Wickersham is a poor actress .

  2. What is the answer to the symbolese puzzle with the images of. A microscope, a microphone, and a howling wolf?

    I got all the other ones but that one is never answered on the show, and I'm stuck on it.


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