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NCIS: LA "Deep Trouble" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Now this is what I call a season finale! Intriguing story line and not to mention an edge of your set cliffhanger!

Their new case involves someone who had an apparent suicide. But that's what his killers wanted you to think. This whole case leads them back to a drug ring where they are smuggling cocaine onto submarines and bringing it somewhere. But where's the sub? Because it could be dangerous.

The DEA agent lady is back! I didn't know she was coming back! Because of it, it makes for some really awkward situations for Deeks. Probably the best scenes in the whole episode! I was laughing my head off during those scenes with Deeks, Kensi and Talia. I didn't know Talia liked Deeks in the wanting to be a relationship kind of way, but that was made way obvious when she first met up with Kensi. She was shocked at how Kensi looked like. The best scene was in the boat shed. Too funny! Deeks felt totally uncomfortable. What's really bad is that Sam and Callen just left him there with the two ladies! They thought it was hilarious as well. 

The whole White Ghost thing is coming back to haunt Hetty. Because of the whole "White Ghost didn't exist" thing, it sounds to me like she's getting in trouble at Washington D.C. (which just made me wonder if she could be involved with something on NCIS?). Please don't let Hetty leave! Nell looks to be the one who's in charger under Granger now. I'd be upset if Hetty left, but it did just dawn on me that she could intertwine with NCIS if that's where they are taking this.

Sam and Callen eventually find the sub that has the cocaine on it and they are a little too late in getting out before the bad guys track them down. That was the cliffhanger! Sam and Callen are stuck on a sub in the room with the cocaine and the bad guys on the other side! But come on, it's Sam and Callen. Surely with them both together, they could come up with something to get out. But we will have to wait until September to find that out.

Did you love or hate the season finale? Let me know in the comments below!