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NCIS: LA "Exposure" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Another great episode. It's actually kind of unusual for me to like both NCIS and NCIS: LA episodes that happen in the same week. Normally, it's just one or the other that I really like. It must have been a good episode week, though, because both were amazing!

I was dozing off a little bit during this one, though. Not because it was boring or because I couldn't keep up with the story line, but it was because I was exhausted when I was watching it. So, because of that, I think I missed a couple key parts in the story line. I think I got the jest of it, though. I believe the actual bad guy, was just doing it for revenge for his family.

The bombing of the military party at the beach really hit Sam hard, though. Especially when they got to the scene of the crime. He said that if his daughter didn't have something that day, he and his family would have been there! How horrible would that have been if something had happened to his family?

First, I was thinking the guy that they caught wasn't really the bad guy because of how quickly he confessed. But as it turns out, he really was the guy. However, this was the point I was kind of dozing off, so correct me if I'm wrong. 

How awesome was it that Nell and Eric (supposedly) told each other they liked each other! I'm pretty much assuming that's what Eric and Nell decided to write down on the sticky notes. Mainly from their reactions after reading the notes. You could basically tell what they said to each other. But man, neither one of them can lie all that great to Granger, since he was sensing something was up between them. Eric should not have said what he said, though, because I could totally tell that he wanted to talk about it, but he's the one that said that neither one of them can ever talk about it. I hope one of them breaks that rule, though. They make such a cute couple, if they were ever to become one.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!