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Once Upon A Time "Kansas" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Here I was thinking that the first time we saw Zelena's backstory, that she was their twist on Dorothy, but I was happy that didn't seem to be the case at all. Since this was their run in with Dorothy in this episode!

Will Mary-Margaret have her baby just fine? She's so stressed in the hospital giving birth that I'm surprised it was a smooth pregnancy. The whole gang was there, putting up protection spells and all that just to keep Zelena out of there. I had a funny feeling that Rumple knew what was happening, though. I'm not sure why, but I was kind of thinking that. Things go smooth at first, but then Hook and Emma decide to go fight Zelena.

Which doesn't turn out well for any of them at all. I am glad that Emma wouldn't let Hook die just to get to Zelena. But even though the nasty curse is on him still, she had to give him mouth to mouth. Which took her magic away and broke the protection spell on the hospital. Yep, that means Zelena got in and took the baby right when it was born! 

Back to Dorothy. We also meet the Good Witch who really does try to help Zelena, but that also turns out horribly wrong. It doesn't at first, but then Zelena gets super jealous when she sees the Good Witch act the same way to Dorothy and it also doesn't help the fact that Zelena finds out that a girl who's supposed to come in a tornado will defeat the most wicked witch and Zelena knows for a fact that it's her. She was right, too, but Dorothy did not mean for her to kill Zelena. Little does she know, Zelena isn't actually dead after she melted. How? I don't know.

David and the gang finally get to Zelena casting the curse just in time and he and everybody save the baby and everything! The necklace really was Zelena's power source and so they quickly took that away. But they didn't kill her! Not at first, anyways.

Mr. Gold is back to himself and asks Belle to marry him! She said yes, of course. She thinks she has the dagger now, but he lied to her! It's gets even worse with what happens next. Even after he promised Belle that he wasn't gonna kill Zelena, he did anyways! I was shocked and I think in a way, he feels like he shouldn't have done that, but I had a feeling that maybe Zelena would have had some sort of back up plan and would have gotten revenge eventually. But whatever smoke was in her necklace, escaped and goes somewhere. Once Zelena's dead, her spells should have been undone, but for some reason, Emma's magic didn't come back. Or did it and she just doesn't want to admit it? Could be a possibility. She also still wants to leave, even though Henry wants to stay.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!