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Once Upon A Time Season 3 Finale Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Most fans were saying that this season finale was pretty amazing and after watching it, I totally agree! I was a bit behind, so I wasn't able to watch it right when it came out, but this was like one of the first shows I got caught up on so I could see what all the excitement was about.

At first, I wasn't sure what the episode was gonna be about, since it was two hours and most of the stories were coming to a close. Like with Mary-Margaret and David having their baby (have yet to know a name until the very end) and Mr. Gold and Belle getting married and all that. Until they discover what the dust from Zelena's necklace was doing. Once Zelena died (Mr. Gold did magic on the tape so they wouldn't know he killed her), I guess there was a fail switch or something that got activated that started the time travel spell anyways. So, Hook and Emma decide to go to investigate. But little do they know, they will be sent back in time!

The time travel was done very well. At first, I was a little bummed that they weren't switching back and forth between the present and their time, but then after watching it, I realized that wouldn't have worked and would have made it very confusing. Hook kept drilling the fact that if Emma decided to try to do something different to what normally would have happened, it would change the present. Did she listen? Nope!

So, the whole episode is them trying to fix the part that she changed. What part was it? None other then the place where her parents first met! So, to fix it, they go to Rumple of all people for help. But it was actually good that they went to him, because he could mask their appearance so no one would know that it was really them in the present time. Yeah, it's one of those episodes where you kind of had to pay attention.

To make a long story short, they do get Emma's parents to meet and fall in love, but that was before you thought Snow White had died! That part was horrible to watch, but the magic dust she had (that was supposed to be used for Prince Charming), she used on herself and yeah it went from there, but that meant that something different had to be done at the troll bridge. Snow White was way ahead of that, though and they got through that ok, too.

So, everything is back to normal now, except now Emma and Hook are in the storybook! But not as themselves, though. It was just too cute that Mary-Margaret and David were just happy to learn that their daughter is now a princess in the storybook!

All the things are settling back in now that they are back and safe and sound. We also learn the name of the new baby: Neal! I loved the name they chose. Also, who's this mystery woman Emma saved? I knew she would have to have some importance and I just did not want it to be this. She was actually Robin's wife that died! Regina was the reason why his wife died! But isn't Robin supposed to be Regina's one true love? I have a funny feeling something bad is gonna happen to the wife again. 

Oh, Emma has decided to stay in Storybrooke! She wanted to feel the feeling of missing someone like Neal had when he had to leave home. She never felt that, but because of the time travel and seeing her parents not knowing her, etc. she finally had that feeling and was able to know this was where she belonged! Also, her and Hook kiss, for real! I was so happy to see her happy for once and hopefully now something bad won't happen to Hook!

Frozen is coming to Storybrooke! Well, Elsa is. She's the new villain that somehow came with Emma and Hook when they returned back to the present time. Where'd she come from? What's her plan now that she's here? Will she be bad bad or will it turn out like the movie version? I'm hoping it's gonna be their turn on the story like they have done in the past. Because if they follow the movie, then you already know what's gonna happen. I guess that wouldn't be a bad thing, but they always have their own little twist on the stories and I'm hoping this one won't be any different.

Did you love or hate the season finale? Let me know in the comments below!