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The Mentalist "Golden Hammer" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Ok, I was wrong about this series. This episode made me intrigued again. Not only did it bring a story line, but an awesome way to bring back my favorite characters (Wayne and Grace). I know they aren't in very many episodes, but I have no clue what the turn out is (would appreciate no spoilers) of their final episode. As long as Grace or Wayne don't die, I'll be fine.

It still boggles my mind on how Patrick solves cases. Like with this new case, for example. How did Patrick know the old newspaper was a key to solving the case? It was, in a major way, too. Charles (the victim) uncovered a spy ring at his work and Avery was selling info to the Russians! 

The little traps they set were amazing. Though I did not think it was wise to give someone like Patrick, full FBI access. Surprisingly, he didn't do anything bad. I didn't think he'd abuse the power, but it's Patrick, you never know.

I'm sorry, but I am not remembering the guy who went on a date with Theresa. It wasn't a date, but a chance to talk to her about something that has him spooked. He thinks he's being bugged! By the fact that he ended up dead at the end of the episode, proves that he was right. What has Wayne and Grace stumbled onto? Somehow they are all part of some sort of list. Patrick and Theresa are on it as well. Very intriguing to the point of making me love the show again.

I do miss the CBI, though and everybody working together. Still not exactly sure why that got shut down and it would be nice if they could one day go back to it. But it's nice for a change of pace a little bit and having more high tech stuff for them to work with. Also, we learn Patrick still loves solving crimes! Who knew? He even wanted to buy a trailer so he could take his crime solving on the road! This episode had a bunch of funny lines in it as well which I feel like it was missing in the last ones. The one I loved most was when Patrick had broken into Kim's car while calling Theresa! How Theresa couldn't hear him, I have no clue. I could have sworn I heard Theresa and Kim laugh in that scene and I feel like that wasn't supposed to happen. 

Awesome episode, as you can tell. I don't think this show will be getting renewed, but as long as they have a proper finale, I'll be ok with it. Let me know your opinion in the comments below!