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Covert Affairs "Shady Lanes" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I had my doubts about this season. Mainly because the show didn't have a cliffhanger and most of the time, this show has an awesome cliffhanger. But my doubts where washed away the minute it got into the story line.

First, they had to debrief Annie when she finally decided to come back home. Who knew she had been gone for 4 months? I was surprised to learn that, since the last time we saw her, I thought she was on a ship heading back to her homeland. Why did she decide to take some time off? Did something happen or did she just need a break after finally getting rid of Henry?

Well, some of the reasoning behind that could be because it looks like there's something wrong with Annie. Not mentally, but physically. She had what she called an "episode" and called some doctor (under a different name) and said that she had another one. Which means, this isn't the first time something like this has happened. Is the job getting to her or did she catch something while she was tailing Henry all over the world? I hope it's not something too serious, but with this show, you never can tell.

The one thing I am a bit bummed about and this could probably be apart of the story line later, that Annie has decided to break things off with Auggie! I was so happy when they got together, but in a way, I'm not too surprised this has happened. Once two main characters get together that you've wanted to get together, sometimes ruins the show. So, they either have them break up, or the show doesn't go on much longer and they get married. So, I don't know which way I want it. Though, I felt like even when they were together, the show was still just as amazing as it used to be and even better since they were together.

How cute is Joan's baby?! I'm glad that they are settling down into their family life, but because of the stuff Arthur did at the CIA, I think Joan is having to take the blow. She was demoted from her job and Calder got it! Calder was not at all thrilled about how he got it. I think he wanted it, but not like that. I felt bad for him. Now Joan is back with Annie and Auggie and all that and they are all trying to figure out where Annie was for 4 months. She won't say a word, though I have a feeling it was something having to do with the doctor she had to call when she had her "episode".

New guy alert who totally has a thing for Annie! I noticed it right off the bat and that was confirmed when he asked her out! I think Annie is somewhat interested in him, but I mean, they did just meet, so I don't know. But I got a funny feeling that he could possibly be bad. I would hope not since Arthur has decided to work for him. Btw, his name is Ryan. He was asking Arthur about Annie. Not sure if he's just doing research since he asked her out or if he has another plan up his sleeve.

There's also a new bad guy who blew up the CIA headquarters (not the one Annie works at) that was supposedly a secret that only the agents knew about. Thank goodness Annie thought she spotted the sister to the new bad guy out in the parking lot and thought to go check it out or else she'd be a goner, too. Got everybody, but the brother who is on the lose and now they have to really search for this guy before he does something else.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!