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Hawaii Five-0 "O ka Pili 'Ohana ka 'Oi (Family Comes First)" (Season Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Finally got to watch the season finale I've been waiting to watch ever since I heard Nick Jonas was coming back. Yes, I did love his character on the show. It helps that I'm a fan of his anyways. But I was confused of one thing. Ian threatened Steve in the last episode that he was coming after him again. So, why did he decide to go after Grover? That's the only part I was disappointed with, that Steve wasn't the one he went after, but I thought it was a great episode.

Ian kidnaps Grover's daughter! I felt bad for her, because Ian is kind of a crazy bad guy. Grover had a hard time doing stuff for Ian, though. Especially when it came to the point of having to steal the money from the Five-0 team (they were bringing it somewhere). But that's when Grover was able to get Steve involved of what was going on.

To top it all of, Wo Fat breaks out of jail! Great, Steve has to worry about Ian and Wo Fat all in the same episode! Steve doesn't have a confrontation with Wo Fat in the episode, but we do see him a couple times and one time is pretty important. He's the one who ended up getting Grover's daughter back! I still don't know how Wo Fat knew to go to that house or what was going on or if it was just a random chance thing. For some weird reason, though, I have a feeling that perhaps Wo Fat and Ian were working together? I'm not really sure why I think that and why they would have had to work together, but how else would Wo Fat know to go to that house? I could be totally off, though. But because of Wo Fat going to that house, he was able to kill Ian and Grover's daughter was able to get away.

Not much of a cliffhanger this season. Seems to be the theme right now for the shows I watch. But because of all the things Grover had to do to get his daughter back, he was fired! I was a little surprised at that. He kind of had no choice. But Steve offers him a job at Five-0! I also hear that Chi McBride signed on for the season! I'm glad he found a show that he could stick with. Anyways, the cliffhanger is basically Wo Fat just arriving to the island and we know he's looking for Steve. Yeah, nothing much else with the cliffhanger. But this show doesn't have too big of cliffhangers. Which isn't bad at all. It still made me want to come back to the next season and find out what's gonna happen with Wo Fat.

Did you love or hate the season finale? Let me know in the comments below!