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Person Of Interest "Beta" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Wow, is pretty much all I have to describe this episode. It was amazing! And heartbreaking all at once, if that's even at all possible. This show amazes me each time I watch it. The story line gets better and better. I am so glad I started to watch this show. I have not been disappointed.

Harold is still missing and now guess who else wants to find him? Decima! To try to find Harold, they go to the closet thing they could find on Harold. I knew the minute they said that, they were going to kidnap Grace. What I didn't know, is that she was gonna end up being John's new number. When the phone rang, I knew it was a new number, but I didn't know who it was until I heard Root go "Uh oh" when she heard the name that I knew that it was Grace. I knew, though, that if Harold found out Grace was in trouble, he would immediately come out of hiding.

On top of having to ditch cameras all over the place to avoid being seen by the new Machine (who misses the old Machine? I do a lot, actually), they have to protect Grace as well and it's pretty difficult. They have Root for somewhat of a help, though. 

The situation is even made worse when Grace gets kidnapped by the bad guys anyways! They made a car accident happen and while everybody was unconscious or trying to get out of the car, they took Grace! That's when we learn some places in the cities don't have the cameras that the Machine can look at. The old one or the new one. There's one place that they really want to go to that they believe Grace is at. She wasn't there, but a bunch of computer servers were there (for the new Machine)! 

They do eventually find where Grace is, but they don't get her back, yet. This was a really hard part for me to watch. It is the heartbreaking part that I talked about at the beginning. To get Grace back, they must trade Grace for Harold! I was right when I knew Harold would come out of hiding to try to save Grace because he went to her house hoping to warn her. John let's him know what's going on and Harold decides to go through with it! John wanted to try to figure out another plan, but Harold knew this was the only way to do it without hurting Grace. The switch was what was hard for me to watch. Grace was blindfolded, so she didn't know Harold was alive (I'm surprise her captive never told her that in the interrogation) and Harold sort of saved her when she started fall! But the worst part was when Harold finished walking across the bridge into the other guys car. It was hard watching them drive away and I'm sure it was harder for John, Shaw and Fusco to watch as well. What are they gonna do now that Harold has been basically kidnapped by them? I hope they plan to do something!

But Harold already had a back up plan for Grace. The job she was looking into in Italy, he got it for her! She wasn't sure, but John said it was probably the best thing for her to do and I think he was right. But poor Harold. He'll never be able to see Grace again. Not even from a far. I guess he could hop on a plane now and then, but I doubt he would. But what does the bad guy want with Harold? We don't really know yet. I did think it was hilarious when Root stole 7 computer servers, though! A few less they have to worry about and the new Machine being up and running, was only a test to show the Secretary what it can do! But don't forget, that he also knows about some other stuff that I'm not sure if this bad guy knows about. He might, but I'm not sure how far their relationship (if that's what you want to call it), goes.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!