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Person Of Interest "Death Benefit" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Did the Machine really want John to kill the Congressman? I'm not entirely sure that was it's intention, but John certainly felt it was. I guess according to Harold, that if there was a greater threat if this person lived, that the Machine would then want them to kill that person, but it's still weird that they were sent to supposedly protect this guy who didn't really have any other threat except for John, Harold and Shaw.

So yes, their new number is the Congressman. How do they protect someone like this when he could have a bunch of threats already and who's hard to get to? 

I'm still not really sure why Root needed Shaw's help, but it was awesome when Shaw just suddenly showed up out of the blue and saved John and the Congressman. But now what are they gonna do? John decides to kidnap the Congressman!

Poor Harold. I felt terrible for him. All this work he has done to supposedly have his machine decide that it's ok to kill someone who could pose a major threat one day. It was so sad when we thought John was going to go through with killing the guy. But I was just hoping that John wouldn't because of what we've seen John do in the past with numbers or people who could possibly be bad, etc. When I saw the "dead" body, I was thinking the worst and then when the police were after them (poor Shaw got shot - not bad, though!), I really did think the worst. So, what a surprise to see that the Congressman is alive and well and going after the bad guys after all! Which is what John was afraid of.

After Harold watches his friends try to ditch cops wherever they turn, he decides to just leave and I mean leave. His apartment, everything, gone! Surely he won't be gone for long, I hope. The show would not be the same without him. Also, their biggest fear is born. The new Machine has been made! Now they are really having a hard time because they are on the top of the list to get killed off!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!