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Person of Interest "Most Likely To..." Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Things are done differently in this newest episode of Person Of Interest. Instead of the team working together on protecting a new number, they are split up. Reese and Shaw go to protect the new number while Fusco and Harold have to go to Washington to try to figure out what Vigilance is doing.

I had no idea John and Shaw were going undercover in a high school reunion and neither did they. With having to split up fairly quickly, they didn't get much info on their new case. Harold said he tried his hardest to match them to someone he knew for sure wasn't going to be there and that they looked like the person as well. Seemed to work. Mostly in John's case, though, since he doesn't seem to have a good reputation with the ladies.

First, I thought this was just gonna be another episode where they had to protect their number. As it turns out, their number was not the one who had to be protected. He (Matthew - the number) was the one who was gonna kill someone because he had killed a girl Matthew liked a long time ago! There was an unsolved murder, but their new number figured it out and was gonna seek revenge, if it hadn't been for John and Shaw, he would have gotten that revenge. 

However, saving the guy from killing someone, turned out to be worse then it sounds. Yeah, how does something like that turn out worse then it actually was? Well, thanks to Vigilance (yes, the same Vigilance that Harold and Fusco went to go find out more about) tracked down John and Shaw (how'd they know where they were at?!) and a major shot out happened while they are trying to save the two people (the one from killing and the one from dying)! 

For a minute there, I totally did not think they were gonna get out of there. How they got out, I still have no clue exactly. Another reason for me to not totally trust Root, is that she had to leak John and Shaw's location in order to get some info herself! But then, she made up for it because she saved Harold.

Now they have an even bigger issue on their hands. Other then Vigilance on their tail and the new Machine being made, someone leaked the info to the news station! So now everyone knows about the Machine! This can't be good. I'm also pretty sure that whatever Root heard at the end when she was talking to Harold, was not good news from the Machine. We don't know what she heard, but that she's gonna be very busy for a while. Just the look on her face made me wonder if it was something horrible that was coming. Like they don't already have enough to deal with, right?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!