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Pretty Little Liars "Escape From New York" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Is is really over? That's what I'm wondering after watching that epic season premiere! Supposedly Shana is -A, but some things just don't add up to me. I'm thinking this is the calm before a huge storm with -A. This has happened before. Where they think it's over, but they are no where near the ending. I'm especially having doubts that the whole -A thing is over because the show got renewed for seasons 6 and 7 already. What else could there be done with this show if the major story line is finished?

So yes, it's revealed that Shana is at least the one who shot Ezra. But how else she was involved in the whole -A thing, we don't really know. Like why would she go and basically torture the girls, sending out those threatening text messages and such? Also, here's the big thing for me. While Shana was in New York, remmeber, someone was burying Mrs. Dilaurentis back in Rosewood. 

Anybody else confused during the girls whole "plan" at the beginning on trying to trap -A? -A is always one step ahead of them and so they should haven't even tried a plan, but they did anyways and it backfired, big time. I was just confused because I didn't know what the plan was and I was hoping the girls wouldn't be stupid enough to let Alison out alone in New York in the middle of the night with a killer on the lose. The park scene was super scary! I almost didn't want to look, but I knew I had to or else I'd miss something important. That whole scene, though, totally reminded me of in the third Harry Potter movie, so when noises started, I half expected to see a dog come out of the bush, instead of a creepy masked -A with a creepy voice to match come up behind Ali and say "Wanna play?". 

Since the plan backfired and there's still a killer on the lose, they need a place to stay and Ali knows a place. How is that possible? Turns out Ezra brought her to his theater (his parents own it) one time when they were still together. She knew it would be safe there.

What's up with Holbrook being like the last to know about the Ezra shooting? I found that odd and I also found it odd that they were having him look into Ezra. What's so special about Ezra's real last name that made Holbrook sounded like a red flag went up? Also, what's the Holbrook connection with Alison? It seemed to me like there could have been one when he found a number to call the theater. It totally looked like Alison did know who called and why she didn't tell her friends that, I don't know.

One of the major things I'm dying to know is what in the world did Melissa tell her dad that he's afraid of her mom finding out? Melissa also looked totally scared when it looked like her dad was coming after her when she said she wanted to say something. It must be major since her dad doesn't want her to tell anybody, mostly her mom!

Mona's army! How weird was that? Melissa is also in on it and why did it look like Paige changed her mind on staying once Melissa showed up? In a way, I could see why they would be afraid of Alison, but I think she's changed. I don't think she's the same girl they all once knew. Lucas is back! He's one of the reasons why I was so excited for the new season. He was one of my favorite characters and to learn that he was leaving, was pretty sad news to me. 

Ezra finally wakes up and after having another almost near death experience (I have a funny feeling Shana did something in there before Aria came in), he tells Aria who shot him! So, she rushes to the theater and just in time to save her friends from Shana! Shana is now dead and she did all this because of what they did to Jenna? That doesn't totally add up and correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Alison get the messages before the thing they did with Jenna? I'm pretty sure in the first Halloween episode, Jenna can see. It's been a while and I could be wrong, though.

Cece is leaving, but I have a feeling her story is not over and she's more important then we think. Alison and Noel helped her escape, so I guess Noel really can be trusted. But the look on Cece's face, was just weird when we saw her at the airport. Cece is the one who killed Wilden! Glad one mystery is solved.

When they showed the police arriving at the theater (after Spencer called the cops - they aren't there anymore, though) to find Shana's body, I half expected it to pull away and reveal the real -A watching. Like I said, some things just don't add up if Shana really was -A. I don't believe for a minute, that the -A story has come to a close.

Did you love or hate the season premiere? Let me know in the comments below!