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Pretty Little Liars "Whilry Girly" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Alison is back to lying again, the minute they get off the bus back in their hometown of Rosewood. The girls planned on telling the police the actual truth, but Alison told them she was kidnapped for two years and her friends helped her escape. Why would she say they? Her friends were not pleased with her to say the least. Spencer in particular. I don't believe for a minute that Alison told the story about the kidnapping because of the creepy text message (yes, those started back up again, but Mona confessed to sending that one). I guess it could have been because of that, but I'm not fully trusting Alison, yet.

Since they didn't tell the full truth, Aria still has to keep what she did a secret and someone knows and is torturing her. Playing the violin song that she heard Shana play one time, etc. But was Mike really the one who could have tampered with Aria's iPod? He acted very odd when they were talking about it. He's always been a little too suspicious to me. Not to mention that he and Mona seem to be getting back together again. They looked a little too flirty on the couch when Aria walked in on them.

It was interesting to see how all the parents reacted differently to their kids finally coming home after the story that Alison said. Spencer's mom wasn't too thrilled. She was, but she was mad that Spencer kept Alison being alive a secret. It's not like she couldn't say anything, because she couldn't. Hanna's mom was a little upset, but not mad. You didn't even see Aria's or Emily's parents (Emily's parents are gone, still).

I'm not thinking Jason is -A anymore. At first, I was because of some things that added up, but now they are making him way too obvious. After the whole Ezra thing, I know better now to not always believe it's the very obvious suspect in this show. I believe he's involved in something with the -A team or something completely different. Either that or he's with Mona and her gang. What was in that apartment building he went to and why was he acting so creepy and sneaky around the girls? More importantly, why would he watch Alison sleep? What's up with that? The way he looked at her, was just creepy.

In my opinion here's the best part of the episode, Toby is back! He has some interesting news to share of his own. He went to find Melissa in London, but Melissa wasn't there and Wren was! Wren is also someone I think has a bigger part in the story line then we know, they just haven't told us yet. So, where did Melissa really go to and why?

So evidently, either Alison's mom was protecting someone or someone was protecting Alison's mom. Because there was an email on her computer that Hanna found that said, "I can't protect you anymore". I didn't see it fast enough to see if Mrs. Dilaurentis was on the receiving end or sending end of that. Could she have known she was in trouble? Also, why did she think to adopt a dog? Maybe for a guard dog? Alison decides to keep it, even though Jason thinks it's a terrible idea. Makes me wonder if he knew about the body in the backyard? The dog at the end, finds Mrs. Dilaurentis' buried body in the back yard and I thought it was interesting at the end, that all the girls had someone comforting them (their family members, etc.), but Alison had no one hugging her? I just thought that was odd. There was also a very uncomfortable meeting with Mona and Alison. Still don't know what that whole thing was about. Probably just to scare Alison. I believe Alison has changed. Yes, she's still lying, but I don't think she'll be the rude girl like everybody thinks she will be. But only time will tell, I guess. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!