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Suits "Heartburn" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Such an emotional roller coaster of an episode! I feel like we went through all the emotions (except for jealously). All the characters had to deal with huge changes.

Poor Louis had to go through the worst of it, I'd say. His day started off great because he had an amazing closing argument for his case (well, I thought it was great), but then he had the worse thing happen to him. He had a heart attack! I don't know why Jessica didn't want the news to leak out. Maybe it's bad for a lawyer to have a heart attack, but she doesn't. However, they are all really worried about him. It did kind of surprise me. Well, I was hoping that they'd be worried and not like they normally are with him. That would be mean since Louis almost died. But because of this happening, he realizes how much he supposedly loves Sheila and proposes and she says yes! Then it gets rocky from there. Ok, not that it hasn't been already, but yeah. I'm surprised if their relationship was this serious, that they haven't at least talked about their careers or moving or having a family. All of that finally comes out in the open, though and they realize that they perhaps, don't love each other enough to change certain things. Sheila didn't want to move, but slowly, she decided to agree to moving to New York (I'm sure she could easily get a job there) and then the other issue was a family. Who knew Louis wanted a family that bad that it was a deal breaker for him? It was cute to see that side of Louis, though. That he wanted a family that bad that he wasn't willing to give that dream up to marry Sheila. Oh, another surprising thing was when Louis asked Harvey to be his best man! 

Ok, how awesome is Donna? I mean really! She tries to fix everything. I feel like she needs a raise or something. The minute she heard Louis didn't want any visitors, she some how knew that meant that Louis only wanted Donna there at his bedside. She even tries super hard to get Harvey to apologize to Scottie. At the end, you even see her hand the phone to Harvey, but we don't know what happens since it ended there. She doesn't comfort Sheila (probably because she doesn't know her that well) when Donna saw her crying by the elevators, but knew something major happened and went to comfort Louis.

Does Mike have a way out of his job and the lying that he has to do? He might now because of one of the cases he picked up while Louis was resting after his ordeal, the guy at the end of the case, ended up giving a job to Mike! The guy that offered Mike the job, sees something in Mike that he could be really great at and now Mike has a major decision on his hands. Stay with the law firm (he loves being a lawyer and he wouldn't do that anymore) or go with his new job and get out of the lies and be able to succeed? 

Rachel about has a heart attack of her own when she gets her first school bill and since she can't go to Louis right now, she has to go directly to Jessica to find out about the promise Louis made to Rachel about the money. Little does Rachel know that he never actually told Jessica about the money part and Rachel is shocked to learn that he did that! Rachel finally finds a smart way to ask Louis without asking him, why someone would do something like that and boy was he a jerk to her right to her face and he doesn't even know that she was talking about herself! It eventually all works, though in the end and she was able to get the money and such.

I feel like this season is one of the best. It keeps having episodes like this! Of course, it is getting close to the season finale (for me because I'm a couple episodes behind still) and the plot lines and stuff like that always gets more interesting towards the end, but still, I gotta say that these episodes have renewed my likeness for the show and I hope the next season is just as good!

Did you love or hate it? Let me know in the comments below!