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Suits "Moot Point" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

2 cases where I could not figure out how the outcome was gonna be on this episode. Scottie with taking the case from Louis and Harvey picking a "fight" with an old law classmate of his where he could never seem to win one over on the guy. 

Mike and Harvey are going after this guy, Elliot because Mike wanted to get Harvey something for helping him get over the little bump with Louis and the secret. According to Donna, there is no such thing as a gift like that for Harvey. Until she remembers his enemy (sort to speak) from his past that he could never win a case over and Mike is determined to help Harvey win the case for Mike's present.

It was totally awesome seeing Harvey and Mike work together again in the courtroom and everything! I forgot how good Mike can be in there and they make such a great team, too. 

Scottie has some nerve standing up to Louis. But I totally can see where she's coming from. Since her boyfriend is Harvey of all guys, she wants people to understand she's a good lawyer and deserves her job and just didn't get it just because Harvey is her boyfriend. So, she decides to pick a fight with Louis by taking one of his clients all because he was a few minutes late to the meeting! It was kind of awesome, though, when Scottie threw the rules back at him that he himself had written! Louis so does not what to be beaten by her or have his client be taken away, so he does everything he can (even lie) to get the case back!

Just when I begin to like Scottie, something horrible happens with her and Harvey to the point where I'm not sure if they can make up for this. Louis asks Harvey to ask Scottie to give the case back to Louis so that he doesn't lose his respect and Harvey actually does! Scottie was so not thrilled by that and I just have a feeling that maybe, just maybe, Harvey and Scottie won't make up from this. I don't know, though, but yeah, she was not happy.

Elliot always seems to have some sob story up his sleeve. But Mike has totally done his research and Harvey has worked with the guy long enough, to know his tricks that all of the "stories" he has, are actually fake and that he keeps using the same one over and over again! Mike knew enough of it to get Elliot in big trouble!

Eventually, Mike and Harvey win (yay for Mike!) and Mike wants to do a good thing and not be apart of the win at all. But Jessica said he can't even be anywhere near it because a camera, could turn into an investigation and she doesn't want him to say the wrong thing and maybe have his secret come out and their law firm get in major trouble. Well, she didn't say the second part, but I have a feeling it has somewhat to do with it. I felt so horrible for Mike when he realizes that she's right and he's stuck there. Can't move up or down or anything. But that starts a major story line, where I'm curious to see what the outcome is going to be like. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!