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Suits "Yesterday's Gone" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Is Mike's secret safe or totally out in the open now that Louis knows? What's Louis gonna do? Get to the bottom of it no matter what or is he gonna be nice and let it go?

You'd think Mike would learn to trust Harvey when he says to wait for him until they can come up with something, but he hasn't yet. However, I think this episode made Mike realize that Harvey's plan probably would have been better. Mike didn't want to just sit around and do nothing and so he tried to fix it by telling Louis he cheated on the teacher's class, but Louis went to the point of him wanting Mike to apologize to the guy when he came for the meeting they were having!

Man, it just gets worse from there. Harvey finally learns of what's going on (he's been having to help Jessica with the death of her ex-husband, etc.) and tries to fix it, but he can't. I was surprised, but kind of happy because in a show you don't want them all to be easy fixes. Harvey finally gets through to Louis on Louis shouldn't do this because they are friends and such. It was funny that Harvey said that since Mike said basically the same thing to him just minutes before. But because of that, Harvey was able to know what to do with Louis in order to finally get him to drop all of this.

And he does! Thank goodness one thing is over. I don't know if they will get this lucky the next time the secret almost comes out. Louis acts like Mike needed to do something for him instead of going to the meeting. Actually made me like Louis a little more because of him realizing to just let it go.

I felt bad for Jessica. Here she has to deal with the lose of her husband and his current wife, wants to sell the business he was working on! Jessica doesn't think it's right and tries to figure out a way to get through to Lisa and Harvey was able to sort of help with that, if I remember correctly. They eventually make it through the trial and everything and make up! It was cute that Jessica had a happy (sort of) ending with Lisa.

Is it just me or do I still feel some jealous feelings from Donna towards Harvey and Scottie? She says she doesn't care, but just how she was acting the first time Harvey showed Donna the welcome home gift he got, she just acted weird. Donna won't admit to it if it is that, though. Guess it's something only time will tell. :)

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!